What Is a Hairline Clinic?

Patti Kate

A hairline clinic is a facility where specialists perform various procedures to correct receding hairlines and treat hair loss. Often referred to as a hair restoration clinic, this type of facility offers solutions for both men and women suffering from thin, fine, or balding hair. Specialists at a hairline clinic often work together with hair transplant surgeons.

Baldness can be reduced by transplanting hair from different areas of the head.
Baldness can be reduced by transplanting hair from different areas of the head.

When a client makes an appointment at a hairline clinic, he will be given a personal evaluation to determine the best course of treatment. The client and specialist will work together to find the best individualized program. Quite often, a client will have an idea of what he wants to achieve from the treatment and what he hopes to look like after it is completed. He will be given various options that may help achieve the desired results.

A man with a receding hairline.
A man with a receding hairline.

In most cases, a hairline clinic will employ various techniques for hair restoration, one of which involves laser light therapy. This technique is performed with an instrument called a cosmetic laser, often used for several short sessions at a time. The main objective of laser light therapy is to restore damaged cells and increase blood flow to the scalp. After several laser light therapy sessions, many individuals experience hair regrowth. Not every client is an ideal candidate for this type of hair-loss treatment however, so it is best to consult an expert before considering laser light therapy.

Other treatments available for a receding hairline may include holistic remedies. Herbal treatments are an option that many hairline clinics offer. In addition, the specialists at these hairline clinics may offer advice on how to prevent a receding hairline. Hair loss treatments for men and women often differ. Women may be given topical treatments or drug therapy at a hairline clinic.

For some people, permanent hair loss may require surgical hair restoration. Surgical hair transplants performed at hairline clinics are most often recommended for men, although women may elect to have this procedure performed as well. During this procedure, hair is removed from a healthy area of the scalp and implanted into an area that has been affected by hair loss.

Any hairline clinic or hair restoration facility will typically offer a free consultation by telephone or in person. In many cases, specialists at a hairline clinic may be reached by email. Many clients also locate hairline clinics through the Internet or by recommendation from physicians, family, or friends.

Women may also thin at the hairline.
Women may also thin at the hairline.

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