What is a Hairdresser?

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A hairdresser, or less commonly hair dresser, is a person who specializes in coloring, cutting, and styling hair. There are many different kinds of hairdressers, ranging from professionals who work solely with children to those who only work with elderly clients. Becoming a hairdresser requires a small amount of schooling followed by extensive hands-on experience.

The best way to begin a career as a hairdresser is to attend a specialized hair school. There are many private hair schools scattered throughout the world, and most of these schools offer short-term courses. In fact, many schools have programs that last less than one year. In addition, various hair schools offer apprenticeship programs that allow students to practice hair skills on various clients. This type of program adequately prepares students for a position within a private hair salon.

Following the successful completion of a hair school course, graduates will then have to find employment. This can be accomplished by applying for positions at salons. Alternatively, a hairdresser may seek employment through other institutions such as nursing homes.


While the position of a hairdresser can be extremely rewarding, this type of work can also be highly demanding. Prospective hairdressers should be able to communicate efficiently, work well with others, and have the ability to listen carefully to customer concerns and wishes. Also, hairdressers spend numerous hours standing, which can be physically demanding. As with most other types of professionals, a hairdresser who stays abreast of current trends will likely gain a steady clientele.

To accomplish the task of understanding current hair styles and trends, many hairdressers take part in hair competitions. These competitions involve showcasing cutting, styling, and coloring skills. A salon that has an award winning hairdresser will often gain a large client base. In many instances, salons encourage hairdressers to partake in competitions in order to gain public attention.

Depending upon a hairdresser's place of employment, this profession can be a fairly lucrative one. Many hair stylists who work for larger salons often enjoy a greater salary. Some stylists may also decide to open salons upon graduating from hair school.

Hairdressers can be found in nearly every country across the world. Within North America, hairdressers are often found within salons, though this isn't the case within every country. In many countries, hairdressers make house calls instead of working within salons. Regardless, the position of a hairdresser is one that most societies cannot live without.


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Post 4

@Suntan12-I know what show you are talking about. I watch it all of the time. I wanted to say that I always used to be confused as to what type of hairdresser gift I should give during the holidays.

I read in a magazine that you are supposed to double the customary tip or if you are really close offer the equivalent amount of the haircut. I rather do this then buy a gift because I am not sure what they would like and I know that my stylist could always use money.

Post 3

@Crispety - I know what you mean. I hate when I have to wait. I have to say that I was watching a television program that featured a struggling salon and had a salon consultant that came in to determine what the problem with the salon was.

It usually involved a lack of hairdressing education or business acumen. The salon consultant was brought in to offer the salon owner and stylist a different perspective and to offer more hairdressing information to improve their business.

Some of the stylists had developed bad habits that led to sloppy work. After a while the salons were turned around and many of these hairdressers got the education support that they needed and the owners watched the financials of the business a little more closely.

Post 2

@Sneakers41 - I have to say that a great hairdresser is worth their weight in gold. I used to go to a salon that had some of the top hairdressers in Miami. I stopped going to the salon because it was such a long wait because my appointment always started late and I did not want to spend two and a half hours in the salon. The salon was always full and it was hard to get an appointment.

This salon had a rating system for its hairdressers. For example, if you wanted a senior stylist level three then you would be charged $90 for a haircut. The salon also offered hairdresser courses and the shampoo technicians were usually training to be stylists.

The stylist was fantastic but I got tired of waiting so long to get my hair done.

Post 1

I love my hairdresser because I think that he does a wonderful job and is so patient. I always ask him to use a flat iron after he blow dries my hair. Since my hair is thick and curly it takes him at least 45 minutes to style my hair after he cuts it.

I get so tired just looking at him because whenever I blow dry my own hair I have to periodically stop because my arms get tired. Hairdressing is not easy and not only does the hair stylist have to be talented and knowledgeable but they also have to treat their clients well.

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