What is a Guard of Honor?

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As a dish that is prepared using two racks of lamb, the Guard of Honor is a wonderful way to present lamb at the dinner table, without having to go to a lot of fuss for the presentation. Here is a simple recipe for preparing the Guard of Honor that will have everyone thinking you spent hours in the kitchen preparing a special meal.

The basis for the Guard of Honor involves selecting two racks of lamb that are similar in size. To prepare the meat sections, lightly rub olive oil into the surface of each rack of lamb. With the aid of trussing or baking string, position the two racks into a tent shape, taking care to use no more of an angle than necessary for the dish to fit comfortably into the oven. Secure the racks together with the string. The bones of the racks should lace into one another, creating visual symmetry, as well as making it easy to work with the interlaced lamb. From there, add any special seasonings to the interlaced racks of lamb that are desired. Place the Guard of Honor into a roasting pan, making sure to position the racks in the middle of the pan.


Just as with a beef roast, it is possible to also add vegetables to the pan for roasting along with the Guard of Honor. Cut fresh new potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots and any other vegetable that the family enjoys into the pan, arranging them around the Guard of Honor. Garnish with a little salt and herbs of your choice, such as parsley, dill, or pepper. Place the filled roasting pan into the oven and bake. For an appealing color and a hint of crisp texture to the Guard of Honor, uncover for the last fifteen minutes of the cooking time. The Guard of Honor and the vegetables will easily transfer to a serving platter, using large kitchen spatulas and spoons for the move to the platter. Make sure to not remove the baking string until after the Guard of Honor is resting on the serving platter.

For people who do not feel comfortable trussing the racks of lamb to create the Guard of Honor, it is possible to obtain two racks that are already properly tied from a butcher. Whether tied at home or trussed by a professional meat cutter, the end result will be a visually appealing dish that is also flavorful and sure to add a touch of elegance to the family dinner table.


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