What is a Grit Bin?

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A grit bin is a container placed near a street, driveway, or sidewalk that contains sand, rock salt, or other material commonly used in winter snow removal. The bin is normally made of heavy plastic, concrete, stone, or wood. Usually, a hinged lid opens up so materials can easily be added. In some cases, there may also be an opening on the side to allow a shovel to be inserted.

These bins come in many different shapes. They may be rectangular, square, or round. The tops may be flat or slightly angled to permit easy ice removal from the top of them. Lids are usually attached to the base with a hinge, but may sometimes snap in place. They can also be many different colors, although yellow is a common choice for containers placed near public sidewalks.

A public grit bin is usually larger than one designed for household ice and snow removal. Small ones used by many homeowners are typically around 29.25 inches (74.3 cm) high, 28.08 inches (71.32 cm) wide and 27.69 inches (70.33 cm) deep. Large containers are sometimes placed in parking lots or near public sidewalks, and can be 29.25 inches (74.3 cm) high, 49.14 inches (124.82 cm) wide and 27.69 inches (70.33 cm) deep.


Material such as sand, salt, sawdust, or other matter designed for winter snow and ice removal can be placed inside a grit bin. This keeps it dry and readily available for spreading during an ice storm. In order to use the product, people must insert a shovel into the bin. Some models may have an opening that is either cut out or similar to a trap door along one side to allow individuals easy access to material near the bottom of the container.

A grit bin may sometimes have a locking mechanism on it. The device may also have a place for individuals to put a padlock or chain to keep it from being stolen. A public bin may have grooves along the bottom so that a forklift can easily pick it up and move it from one location to the next.

People can normally purchase a grit bin wherever they buy snow and ice removal products. They are usually inexpensive items that last for several years, especially plastic models. Individuals who want to be prepared for winter storms may want to consider getting one of these so they can be ready for bad weather before it arrives.


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