What is a Grill Pan Scrubber?

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Sometimes referred to as a grill pan sponge, the grill pan scrubber is a custom designed cleaning device that is constructed to get down into the nooks and crannies of grill pans. Along with being an effective tool in cleaning pans, the grill pan scrubber is also effective with such tough jobs as cleaning the grates on various types of grills. Here is some information about the basic construction of the scrubbers, as well as some tips on how to use a grill pan scrubber around the house and back yard.

The typical grill pan scrubber sports a tough yet absorbent nylon on one side of the unit, and a thick layer of sponge material on the opposite side. The body of grill pan sponges contain a series of grooves that allow the scrubber to easily clean into the enclosed places in the corners of the grill pan, as well as get into the indentations that are found all along the bottom of the pan. Grill pan scrubbers are also handy to use with general grill cleaning as well. The flexible nature of the grill pan scrubber makes it ideal for working with the wiring on grill grates, and the tough nylon is strong enough to stand up to a lot of vigorous scrubbing.


Along with helping keep the backyard grill in top shape, the grill pan scrubber is also helpful around the kitchen. Because of the double-sided nature of the scrubber, it can be used with a number of types of cookware. The sponge side is ideal for cleaning non-stick cookware, as well as ceramic casserole dishes and glass lids. The nylon side of the grill pan sponge works very well with steel and aluminum baking sheets and pans, stainless steel cookware, and hard plastic microwave cookware. Combining the best elements of a scrubbing pad and a typical household sponge, the grill pan scrubber can replace both items around the kitchen. Given the fact that the scrubber also is made to last for a long time, it is often less expensive to invest in one grill pan scrubber than it is to buy multiple units of cheap scrubbing pads and sponges.

Finding a good quality grill pan scrubber is easy. Most large retail department stores with a kitchen and home section will carry one or two brands of the scrubber. Many home and garden shops that carry grills and accessories will also have a couple of brands of the scrubber in stock. While the grill pan scrubber is a little more expensive, the utensil also has a long life that will easily make it worth the cost. Whether grilling outside or just keeping the kitchen cookware spotless, the grill pan scrubber is a great tool to have around the house.


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