What Is a Green Tea Smoothie?

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A green tea smoothie is a type of chilled, blended beverage made with a mixture of green tea and typically some type of milk or ice. There are a number of different ways to make these healthy and nutritious smoothies, and to customize them for different tastes. It is necessary to brew a very strong pot of green tea in advance, and then chill it, so that it is cold enough to be blended into the smoothie. A warm green tea smoothie will probably not be very appetizing. Some people also choose to add fresh fruits or other nutritional ingredients like spinach to make it more filling and healthy.

The simplest way to make a green tea smoothie is to blend the brewed green tea with milk, ice, and possibly a bit of yogurt to thicken the smoothie. Plain, low-fat milk can be used, but many people choose to substitute it with almond, soy, or rice milk to avoid dairy. In lieu of yogurt, honey can be added to thicken the green tea smoothie as well as to make it a bit sweeter. It is important to keep in mind that green tea has a very subtle flavor, and it is easy to overpower if too many other ingredients are included.


Fresh fruits are generally the best inclusions for a green tea smoothie, as these are healthy, but usually have a nice, subtle flavor. A banana, for instance, is an excellent addition to a smoothie and helps to thicken it as well. Various types of melon, such as cantaloupe or honeydew, also taste great when blended with green tea. Some people like to add mango or citrus, but these will overpower the green tea flavor if they are used too heavily.

Other ingredients can be added to make it more nutritious without really affecting the flavor. Flax seed, for instance, is often added to smoothies, as well as fresh spinach. Both of these are loaded with vitamins and fiber, making the smoothies more filling without increasing the fat content, and will not have a large impact on the flavor of the smoothie. The spinach will even enhance the already natuarlly green color of the drink. Protein powder may also be added if desired.

It is easy to make a green tea smoothie by simply throwing all of these ingredients in a blender, and mixing until it is smooth. Adding a little bit of ice can help to chill it and increase the liquid content, but because the base of a green tea smoothie is already liquid, it is generally not necessary to add too much. Some people like to serve it with a little sprig of fresh mint for a nice finishing touch.


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Post 3

My favorite smoothie is a green tea smoothie with vanilla yogurt, banana and blueberries. It's so delicious and nutritious. It has a lot of antioxidants as well. I feel energized when I drink it. It keeps me full for a while too, so it's the perfect mid afternoon treat.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- Yes, you can. I do.

I actually don't use green tea but rather green tea powder, also called matcha. I think this is what most cafes and shops use as well. This powder is made from green tea and gives a stronger green tea flavor that doesn't disappear when other ingredients are added. You can add milk, yogurt and fruits into this if you want.

Bubble tea is sometime also made with taro root powder. You could also use this in addition to the green tea powder if you want. Make sure to buy and prepare tapioca balls to include in the tea. I love my green tea smoothie with lots of tapioca pearls.

Post 1

Does anyone know how I can make a green tea smoothie that tastes like the ones made at bubble tea and smoothie shops?

I tried making it once but it wasn't even remotely like what I'm used to having. The green tea flavor disappears when other tasty ingredients are added.

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