What is a GPS Instructional Video?

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A GPS instructional video is a video which provides directions about how to use a global positioning satellite (GPS) unit. Such units can be tremendously useful and powerful tools when they are used properly, and a video can help someone understand a unit and use it most effectively. Some manufacturers of GPS units package videos with their new units, and videos can also be purchased separately; some manufacturers also offer streaming videos on their websites for their customers.

Often, a GPS instructional video starts with a brief overview of what GPS is and how it works, so that people can understand the system behind the unit they are using. This overview can also discuss issues which can affect GPS systems, such as solar flares which may interfere with signals, so that consumers are aware that these systems can sometimes fail or experience problems. The video may also talk about the history of GPS and projected changes for the future.


Each GPS unit is slightly different, whether it's a handheld unit designed for hikers or a console unit designed to be installed at the bridge of a ship for navigation. The GPS instructional video covers the specific details of the individual system, discussing how the unit is powered, what all of the controls do, and what kind of settings the unit can be used in. The video also provides instruction in how to use the unit, showing consumers how to take a GPS fix, how to read the display, how to adjust the GPS unit, and how to save GPS information for future reference.

The GPS instructional video covers all of the features of the system so that people understand the capabilities of the system, and the video discusses how these features can be activated and used. While people might not want to use the features right away, having information about them can be helpful. Likewise, the GPS instructional video should cover common problems and troubleshooting, discussing topics like what error messages mean, how to reset the unit, and so forth so that people will know what to do if there is a problem.

Viewing a GPS instructional video can help people learn about features and options they might not have otherwise been aware of on a GPS unit. This can help them use the unit more effectively. People researching the purchase of a new unit may consider watching a video to learn about all of the options associated with various units, and to get an idea of how easy they are to use.


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