What is a Good Hair Care Regimen?

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The type of hair care you require depends much on the type of hair you have. Natural hair is different than colored or chemically-treated hair. Caucasian hair is different than Asian hair and African American hair. If your hair is especially damaged, it may require the help of a professional to get it back to basics before you can even get started on taking care of it. In any case, here are the basics of hair care, no matter what your style and goals.

Make hair care easy by staying away as much as possible from overprocessing. This means reducing the use of hairdryers, flat irons, and curling tongs. It also means protecting your hair from the sun, pool chemicals, and strong chemicals. Even rubbing your hair too harshly can break it, so be especially careful when towel drying. For easy hair care, trim your hair frequently, especially if you notice split ends; this is especially important, as split ends can run up, damaging your hair further the longer you ignore them.


For simple, at-home hair care, invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner appropriate for your type of hair. If you have dry or damaged hair, deep-condition once a week, or use a hair mask to hydrate and repair. If you color your hair, use quality products. Hair care entails not only protecting your hair from the elements, but also from the chemicals you put directly on it. If you can afford it, use professional coloring only, as it tends to protect the hair rather than drying it. If you color often, buy products especially created for treated hair, which are gentler and hydrate better.

Nutrition is also an essential part of a hair care regimen. Lack of vitamins, too little protein, or a diet too low in calories can take a toll on the health of your hair. Crash diets are especially harmful to hair health, so be especially careful when depriving your body of nutrients. Drinking enough water will also help your hair stay shiny and healthy.


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