What Is a Gift Receipt?

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A gift receipt is issued by a retailer at the point of purchase, just like a regular receipt. The main difference between a regular cash register receipt and a gift one is that the gift version does not include price information for the purchases. A gift receipt may or may not list the items purchased by name; different retailers include different amounts of information. Such receipts allow the purchaser to buy and give a gift without revealing the price paid. The recipient of the gift is able to use the receipt to return or exchange the item if needed.

When a purchase is completed, most stores offer the customer an itemized receipt of the items purchased. This receipt usually includes a description of each item, the price paid for each, and any coupons or savings deducted from the cost of the item. The receipt also includes a total amount purchased and the form of payment used. A regular store receipt allows the customer to keep a record of the items purchased and acts as proof or purchase in the event of a return.

In contrast to a regular receipt, gift receipts contain less information. Depending on the issuing store, the receipt may include a list of the items purchased, without prices or a total. Some stores simply include a barcode that can be scanned in the event of a return, without purchase or price information. Gift receipts of either type are useful when purchasing a gift for an occasion, event, or holiday.

A gift receipt can be included in a birthday, holiday, or other package, and allows the recipient to return or exchange the item if needed. The recipient can avoid the embarrassment or hurt feelings of asking the giver for a receipt if a return or exchange is required. A gift receipt also masks the amount of money spent on the gift and does not disclose if an item or items were purchased on sale or with a coupon.

During holiday shopping seasons, gift receipts are often automatically given along with basic receipts. Many stores issue receipts in this manner in the months of November and December. During other times of the year, the purchaser can request a gift receipt at the point of purchase. If several gifts have been purchased at the same time, the buyer may need to request additional copies of the receipt at the register.

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Post 4

@StarJo – I tend to give unique gifts to people, and I'm always paranoid that they won't like them, so I get gift receipts for them. I have no idea whether or not anyone has used them, but I suspect that a few have.

Most people tend to stick to the gift registry when buying someone a present for a baby or wedding shower, but I like to pick out something special that isn't on the list. However, I do offer a gift receipt in case they want to exchange what I got them for something they had already registered for without my knowing.

Post 3

I think that gift receipts are so handy! I always appreciate getting one, especially from my cousin who buys me unique gifts that are sometimes too strange for my taste.

Post 2

I never think to ask for gift receipts when buying Christmas gifts. I generally do most of my shopping in one trip, and it could get a little complicated.

If I buy twenty gifts at one store at one time, then dividing each purchase up into gift receipts would be very frustrating for the cashier, I'm sure. It would also make the people in line behind me very impatient and angry.

However, if I buy a really expensive gift among all the other gifts, I don't mind asking for a gift receipt for that one item. I'd want the recipient to have the option of exchanging it for some other really nice gift.

Post 1

Strangely enough, my local gift shop does not offer gift receipts. They are very small and not very computer savvy, so they aren't set up to offer special receipts.

They don't even have barcode stickers on their items. The prices are written on slips of paper that are tied to the gifts, and the cashier uses a calculator instead of a cash register!

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