What is a Gel Insole?

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Gel insoles are simple inserts for footwear that enhance comfort as well as provide some much needed support for the feet, legs, and lower back. Purchased as a separate product from the footwear, the gel insole is often found at shoe stores as well as other types of retail outlets. Depending on the exact construction of the gel insole, the product may simply provide a cushion, or may also allow for a massaging effect while walking on the insole.

Part of the value of insoles is that they help to provide support while walking. To a degree, any insole will absorb part of the natural impact that is involved with walking. A proper insole helps to minimize jarring that can make it harder for the muscles of the legs and lower back to keep the skeletal structure in proper alignment. Most shoes come with some type of cushioning insole, which may wear down over time.


The gel insole helps to improve the degree of support to the muscles and bone structure that is provided by the conventional insole. By adding support, the gel insole can make a big difference in the overall health of an individual. Walking on hard surfaces, such as concrete floors and sidewalks, will often lead to problems with the knees and lower back. Inserting a gel insole into the shoes helps to relief some of the stress associated with walking on these types of surfaces. The insert gel is also helpful for people who have to stand on hard surfaces for longer periods of time, such as in assembly line production work.

Several brands of the gel insole are marketed as massaging insoles. Essentially, a massaging insole not only provides protection from the impact of walking on hard surfaces, but also helps to ease the pain sometimes found in the balls and heels of the feet. This effect is created by the gentle movement of the gel within the insole, that shifts when walking is taking place. The result of this movement is to gently encompass and massage the feet, helping to further relieve stress on the joints.


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Please tell us what the gel insoles are made of.

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I'd also like to know what they're made of as I'm vegetarian. Are they made from gelatine?

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What are gel insoles made of?

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