What Is a Garden Service?

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A garden service is a company that maintains a garden and provides lawn care for a residence or business. This kind of service employs gardeners who do planting, weeding, mowing, and mulching for a set fee. A garden service may also do landscape design for an outdoor area, working with owners to create a garden that showcases their home or establishment. Depending on how large the garden service is, they may employ several gardeners who to visit properties on a regular basis. Sometimes this type of service is used to do yard work for vacant properties so that the yards have a tended, well cared for appearance.

An owner will often hire a garden service to maintain their property so that they are free to enjoy it on their time off. Since the hired gardener will worry about weed control, fertilizing, and tilling the soil, a busy homeowner has time for other, less labor-intensive pastimes. The gardener will usually work closely with an owner when planning a garden and may offer expert advice about soil and plants. They may also make sure that gardens are protected from vermin, arranging for fencing so that seedlings can flourish without being eaten or trampled on.


Usually this type of service will also offer lawn maintenance, including mowing, mulching, and fertilizing. For homeowners who are concerned about the environment, some companies offer organic lawn care. A garden service will usually care for the entire lawn area, including the perennials, bulbs, and bushes that border it.

For a business, a garden service may assume maintenance for the entire outdoor area, including flower gardens, lawns, or special seating areas. This kind of service also does seasonal clean up to keep the property neat, including leaf raking in the fall and removal of winter debris in the spring. The gardeners may also be responsible for the care of potted plants and small trees inside the building.

If a home is vacant, a garden service may be hired to keep the property attractive for potential buyers. Having a manicured lawn and weed free garden gives the home more curb appeal, which could mean a quicker sale. A garden service worker may also be responsible for taking stock of trees on the property and making arrangements for removal of unstable branches so that they do not fall on the house.


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