What is a Garden Kneeler?

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A garden kneeler is a tool which is designed to make gardening more comfortable. Some people think of garden kneelers as being specifically designed for older people, but they are in fact useful for gardeners of all ages. Many garden supply stores sell garden kneelers, and it is also possible to order them directly from companies which produce them. Some gardeners like to save money by making their own or retooling other household objects to make a garden kneeler.

There are a number of different designs for a garden kneeler. In all cases, the goal is to help a gardener while he or she works. Gardening is typically very hard on the body, since it requires a great deal of kneeling to reach low beds of flowers and vegetables. It can cause back and leg strain as the gardener repeatedly stoops and stands. Gardeners also run the risk of damaging plants as they work, and a long gardening session can leave unsightly plant stains on the knees of pants, along with embedded dirt.


The most basic garden kneeler is simply a pad which is designed to cushion a gardener's knees while he or she kneels in the garden. A kneeling pad is ideal for something like a prolonged period of weeding, since it takes pressure off of a gardener's knees, allowing him or her to focus on the task at hand. This type of kneeler, however, can only really be used on garden paths or grass, as it will crush foliage.

A garden kneeler can also take the form of a foldable seat. Many garden kneeler seats are adjustable, so that the gardener can place the bench at the perfect height. He or she may either kneel on the padded seat, using the sides of the kneeler for support, or sit in the seat and bend over. The legs of the seat are designed so that the gardener does not accidentally crush foliage and plants; such seats can typically be hosed off at the end of the day to remove dirt and lawn trimmings.

When seeking out a garden kneeler, try it out, if possible. If the kneeler is not adjustable, make sure that it is at a comfortable height, since the goal of a kneeler is to reduce strain on your body, and a kneeler of the wrong height can contort you into an awkward position. If you are purchasing a kneeler for someone else, consider a kneeler pad, or find someone of a similar height to test kneelers for you.


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