What is a Garage Floor Mat?

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A garage floor mat is a specially designed movable floor covering that is used to cover all or a portion of the concrete floors found in most garages. The mats are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and thickness. Generally, the floor mats are made with heavy duty vinyl that is designed to provide a small amount of cushioning, absorb liquids, and in general protect the floor of the garage.

While the main function of garage floor mats is to protect the floor from damage caused by oil, antifreeze and other elements that could damage the concrete, a garage floor mat also provides several other benefits. One major advantage has to do with providing a degree of cushioning to the floor. This is especially important if the garage also doubles as a workshop. The mat minimizes the chances of leg pain that often accompanies standing and walking on concrete for long periods of time.

Another benefit of the garage floor mat has to do with reducing the echo in the space. While this is not necessarily a big problem in smaller garages, it can be somewhat distracting in a larger one. The vinyl body of the mat absorbs sound, virtually eliminating any of the echo effect within the space.


Since a garage floor mat will soak up spilled liquids such as gasoline or oil, the floor is protected from staining and damage. This makes the task of keeping a clean garage much easier. The garage floor mats can easily be cleaned using a shop vacuum, broom, or even by taking the mat outside and washing it down with a garden hose. Because the mat can be cleaned so easily, it is a relatively simple job to keep the garage smelling fresh.

Garage floor mats are available in many different sizes and colors. Smaller mats can be used to define the parking space for vehicles, or larger mats can be used to cover the entire floor of the space. It is even possible to employ several mats of different colors; effectively creating a color code effect that defines what goes where in the garage. This creative approach to garage organization makes it easy for everyone to remember where the power tools go, and where the garden rakes should be placed.

While a garage floor mat is thick and absorbent, it is also lightweight. Just about anyone can move the mat with little effort. This can be important when there is a desire to take the mat outside for cleaning or reposition the mat as part of a reorganization of the garage.

Garage floor mats can be purchased at many outlets where different types of floor covers are sold. In addition, some major auto shop retailers will carry the mats. The typical garage floor mat costs less than carpeting for the home, and is likely to last at least as long under normal wear.


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