What is a GameBike&Trade;?

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A GameBike™ is an indoor stationary bicycle that can be plugged into a video game console. It is equipped with an automatic heart rate control and an integrated steering instrument that allows the user to navigate throughout the game. It utilizes magnetic resistance that can be adjusted for each user. During game play, the user steers with the handlebars and pedals to control the speed. The bike does not have to be used in conjunction with a video game, and when it is unplugged, it a regular stationary fitness bike.

The concern for increasing child obesity rates inspired orthopedic surgeons Dr. Ted Parks and Dr. Craig Davis to come up with the GameBike™. The surgeons felt that their invention would take some of the boredom out of exercising. If more people could have fun while exercising, they might be more willing to exercise and thus burn calories and improve their fitness.

There are three models of the GameBike™: the original GameBike™, the GameBike™ Pro and The Recumbent GameBike™ Pro. The GameBike™ Pro; functions exactly like the GameBike™, but it was designed for extended daily use in health clubs, gyms, spas, hotel workout centers and other public facilities. The Pro version also has a fitness computer that features six uphill heart rate control programs. The Recumbent version is equipped with a steering wheel instead of handlebars.


The bike comes in two sizes. The larger unit for users who are between 5 feet 1, inch tall and 6 feet, 7 inches tall. The smaller unit is for users who are between 3 feet, 11 inches tall and 5 feet, 5 inches tall.

There are a number of video game consoles that work with the GameBike™. It connects directly to the PlayStation® and PlayStation®2 console in place of the controller. A GameGear adapter is needed in order to connect to the PlayStation®3 consoles. The Xbox™ and GameCube™ video game consoles also can be used with the unit.

The GameBike™ works best with driving, racing and cycling games. It most commonly is used by one player as a stand-alone unit. On the PlayStation®2 console, however, as many as four players on four different units can play a single game simultaneously using a Multi Tap.


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