What is a Fried Onion Blossom Utensil?

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Many people enjoy a fried onion blossom as an appetizer when dining out, but it is possible to create this dish at home as well. To prepare the blossoms, there is a handy kitchen tool that is known as the fried onion blossom utensil. Used to slice an onion so that the sections resemble the petals of an open flower, the tool makes enjoying this restaurant treat a home experience.

The fried onion blossom utensil is usually constructed of stainless steel or hard resin plastic. With a circular body, it features rows of slits around the sides. The slits reach the top of the sides, making it easy to insert a sharp knife into the slots and slice uniform sections of the onion. Lifting the utensil off the onion will reveal even sections that gradually open and give the onion an appearance that is similar to a blooming flower.

From there, it is a simple task to place the onion blossom in simmering water for a few moments, then quickly cool it in an ice bath. From that point, the onion is dipped into batter and dropped into hot oil for frying. A coring tool is usually included with the fried onion blossom utensil so the middle of the onion can be easily removed after frying, leaving the crisp and tender petals for consumption.


For a number of years, onion blossoms were not an appetizer that could be easily prepared in the home kitchen and restaurants used these slicing tools almost exclusively. As the appetizer became more popular, however, kitchen stores began to sell various utensil models for home use. Today, it is possible to purchase one in just about any type of retail establishment that carries kitchen accessories and supplies.

Along with onions, some people use a fried onion blossom utensil to create blossoms from both white and sweet potatoes, squash, apples and just about any type of fruit or vegetable that can be battered and fried. Innovative cooks often amaze guests with some of the tasty dishes that can be created using this one simple kitchen tool.

Because of the simple design and the sturdy materials used to manufacture most models of the fried onion blossom utensil, it is easy to keep clean. It takes no time to wash by hand and most models are dishwasher safe. While a few versions are costly, there are plenty of utensil models that are available at budget prices.


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