What Is a Food Processor Cover?

Wanda Marie Thibodeaux

A food processor cover is a lid that goes on the top of a manual or electric kitchen tool meant to cut foods into smaller pieces or slices. These covers sometimes are designed for storage of the processed food. With manual food processors, blades or handles connected to blades normally are fitted within the cover. Electric versions usually do not have any blades and are designed simply to ensure the food remains contained in the food processor as the unit operates. In some instances, people use the term to refer to plastic or cloth covers that fit over the entire food processor as a decorative and sanitation aid.

A food processor cover may help prevent food spills.
A food processor cover may help prevent food spills.

The most basic type of food processor cover functions as a storage aid. The cover fits over the main body of the processor container into which food is placed, creating an airtight seal. With the cover in place, the food in the container cannot spill, retains moisture and can be stored easily in the refrigerator for convenient storage for later use.

A food processor.
A food processor.

On some models of manual food processors, the lid functions as part of the cutting mechanism. On a manual processor, this involves one or more stationary blades being contained within the lid. The chef brings the food he wants to process over the blade(s) in the cover so that the food is sliced or grated and falls into the container below. With this type of setup, the chef may have many lids that work with the unit, each having a different type of blade for different cutting results.

A food processor also may have a food processor cover that has a pump mechanism which sits inside the lid, with blades protruding down into the main container. When the chef brings the pump up and down manually, the blades slice or chop the food in the container. In some cases, the lid has a rotating handle instead. The handle is attached to larger blades that turn as the chef turns the handle, allowing for the most leverage and most thorough mixing of the processed foods.

With an electric food processor, the only function of the cover is to prevent spattering of the processed foods. This spattering can happen because the blades of the unit are connected to a motor, which causes the blades to rotate at speeds much higher than those possible with manual versions. This creates enough force to propel food out of the container. When a chef uses an electric food processor, he usually places one hand on the food processor cover to ensure it stays in place during use of the unit, although many fit securely enough or have locking mechanisms so that this is not necessary.

The term "food processor cover" also may refer to a fitted product that sits over the entire food processor when the unit is not in use. These covers have two functions, the first of which is to prevent the food processor from getting dirty and dusty. The second function is to provide some aesthetic appeal to the chef's kitchen, with the covering fitting in with the kitchen's color scheme or general tone. A food processor cover of this design typically is made of a washable fabric, although some are plastic that easily can be wiped clean with a damp paper towel or cloth. Food processors come in many different shapes and sizes, so consumers must check the dimensions of the cover they purchase to ensure the cover fits properly over the processor.

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