What is a Foldable Exercise Bike?

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A foldable exercise bike is an indoor exercise bike that folds up for storage when the bike is not in use. These types of bicycles usually have a locking mechanism or latch that secures the exercise bike in both its storage and use positions. Types of exercise bikes that come in a foldable form include recumbent and upright exercise bikes. A foldable exercise bike can also be called a portable exercise bike or a collapsible exercise bike.

Exercise equipment manufacturing companies that make foldable bikes include Stamina™, Confidence™, Body Champ™, and Solid Body™. The cost of a foldable exercise bike usually runs between $140 and $250 US Dollars (USD). Features found on a foldable exercise bike can include magnetic resistance, adjustable seats, foot pedals with straps, padded sets, or a mounted computer that calculates time, distance, calories burned, and speed.


Though non-folding stationary bikes take more storage space than foldable exercise bikes, the foldable bikes can be more difficult to set up for use after storage. The setup process for foldable exercise bikes can be difficult for people that are small, people with weak muscles, or people who have injuries or handicaps that might make lifting or setup difficult. Some exercise bikes lack durability and may become damaged by setup and storage. Setting up and breaking down a foldable exercise bike can make these types of bikes an inconvenient option for a person who uses an exercise bike every day. Many foldable exercise bikes have a weight limit of around 250 pounds (about 113.4 kg), so heavier bike riders may not be able to use this type of exercise bike.

Folding exercise bikes are beneficial for people who want to use an exercise bike in their homes without the inconvenience of an exercise bike that takes up permanent floor space. Collapsing exercise bikes can often fit in the trunk of a car, thereby making folding bikes popular exercise equipment options for travelers staying in hotels, trailers, or mobile homes. Portable exercise bikes are also used by students in dorms or residents in small apartments with limited floor space.

Foldable exercise bikes can help people who maintain indoor lifestyles receive exercise wherever they have room to set up a bike. In addition to the cardiovascular benefits, riding a stationary bicycle for exercise also strengthens the muscles in the buttocks and legs. Riding a bike or using an elliptical exerciser can also be easier than running on weak or painful knees while providing a more intense workout than walking.


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