What is a Flatulence Filter?

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A flatulence filter is a device which is placed on an undergarment and worn in order to filter out odors caused by excessive flatulence. They are generally made from some sort of fabric and filled with charcoal, or sometimes other materials, which are known to neutralize odors quickly and effectively. Most are made very thin like a maxi pad, so they can be worn discreetly under the clothes without detection. Some also come as full-sized underwear.

The main purpose of a flatulence filter is to prevent odors from intestinal gas from reaching others. Sufferers of excessive flatulence often find themselves embarrassed in social situations when passing gas cannot be prevented. Since filters are worn on the body, no one but the person wearing it has to know it exists. They have been shown to be effective at neutralizing and filtering odors before they reach the surrounding air.

There are other ways to make the use of a flatulence filter more effective. It is recommended that those who experience frequent flatulence should avoid foods which may make gas worse, primarily those which may increase the amount of odor. Foods which are notorious for causing malodorous gas are broccoli, eggs, cabbage, and beer. As a general rule of thumb, if the food itself has a strong smell, it will likely result in strong-smelling gas.


Certain dietary changes may also help to reduce the amount of intestinal gas to begin with and may make using a flatulence filter less needed. Fiber, cruciferous vegetables, beer, and sodas are all foods which are associated with an increase in gas production. Specific dietary options may vary based on the individual, however, so consumers are urged to keep a food diary to determined what items are the offending foods.

Most times, the purchase of a flatulence filter is discreet and private, and can be done online. This allows customers to order it without anyone else having to know. Most varieties are reusable, although some may be disposable. Aside from filtering out the smell of gas, some options also help to mask the characteristic sounds which often accompany flatulence. Other items include filtered car and seat cushions and filtered undergarments.

Replacements may have to be purchased regularly, as filters can be become worn out over time. They are relatively inexpensive, but, those who only suffer from occasional intestinal gas may not find the use of a filter worth the expense.


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Post 2

It's embarrassing to talk about, but I have had my share of flatulence problems over the years. My doctor has put me on a special flatulence diet, but certain foods, especially dairy, still give me gas. Trust me, I don't want to be "breaking wind" all day, either, but I honestly can't control it.

It's a very socially crippling condition, especially when I'm in a movie theater or restaurant. I do use disposable flatulence filters to reduce odors, but they don't address the, let's say, auditory aspects of excess flatulence. I still feel embarrassed by my condition in public.

Post 1

I've seen advertisements for special underwear with a flatulence filter sewn into them. Of course those ads always get a laugh, but apparently the product itself is very real. I don't think they use activated charcoal, because it probably wouldn't survive multiple washings. I think they use plastic mesh filters and scented cotton liners.

I think if I had a chronic problem with passing really strong flatulence, I'd invest in that sort of thing when I went out in public. Nobody else needs to experience that. But I wouldn't bother with a flatulence filter if I only had the occasional release of gas. If you know you have a problem with excess flatulence, you may want to be considerate of other and use a flatulence filter whenever possible.

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