What is a Flat-Free Wheelbarrow Tire?

Keith Koons

A flat-free wheelbarrow tire is specially designed so that it will never become flat, even when punctured by a nail or any other type of sharp object. Unlike other types of wheels, flat-free wheelbarrow tires do not require air in order to remain inflated. Instead, they are made with rubberized foams that remain firm over any type of terrain. Any version of a flat-free wheelbarrow tire also functions in a very similar manner to an air-filled model, riding smoothly across the ground with minimal resistance. Its composition also grants a much longer overall lifespan due to its superior construction, yet costs about the same as conventional tires.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

One of the main benefits of a flat-free wheelbarrow tire is that it is actually much closer to being a completely solid object when compared to other types of wheels, which means even when damage occurs, the tire remains rounded and fully functional. This happens because the foam is applied in one continuous process that allows it to bond as a single object, and even though there are tiny holes throughout, it will remain rigid in almost any circumstance. The outer layer of the tire, normally referred to as the tread, is created thicker than the inner section to grant superior resistance to damage, even though the tire can function normally even when the tread has completely worn off.

Another strong benefit of a flat-free wheelbarrow tire is that the foam wears much more evenly than rubber tires. Since the foam has a similar density to rubber, the outer layers have a similar strength when it comes to overall wear and stability. The true improvement comes from removing the internal air and replacing it with a solid mass; this benefit allows the tire to remain almost perfectly round regardless of any other factor. Air-filled tires must be constantly monitored to ensure the internal pressures are kept at proper levels; this is not a factor with a flat-free wheelbarrow tire.

Flat-free wheelbarrow tire manufacturers generally design their products to serve as replacements to air-filled models, meaning that they can be attached to the same axle that came with the wheelbarrow. Some companies use different blends of foam to meet a variety of needs, ranging from hauling especially heavy items to providing an extra-soft ride. The same types of tires are also available for many types of dollies and lifts and also come in vehicles in some parts of the world.

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