What is a Fire Safety Box?

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A fire safety box is a fire-resistant container which can be used to store items of critical importance, like deeds, passports, and family heirlooms. By storing these items in a fire safety box, people can be assured that they will be recoverable after a fire. It is important to be aware that even when things are stored in a fire safety box, they can still be damaged by the intense heat of a fire, especially if arson is involved, although many high-quality fire safety boxes are resistant to very high temperatures.

The primary goal of a fire safety box is to prevent the items stored inside from being burned. In many cases, the box is also airtight, so that smoke, water and chemicals from firefighting, and other contaminants cannot get inside. The box is usually secured with a lock so that it can be used like a safe in addition to a fire safety box, and the interior may be arranged or divided in any number of ways.


In some cases, fire safety boxes are designed for very specific purposes, like storing guns, paperwork, or computer equipment. In other instances, the box may act more like a generic safe, with space for important papers, jewels, photographs, and so forth. The lock may open with a key, a combination dial, or a biometric sensor. Keys and combination locks are often best, because they can be opened even if the outside of the box is damaged by fire, in contrast to an electronic fire safety box, which may be damaged by heat or chemicals.

A fire safety box can be built into a structure for security and concealment, or it can simply be stored somewhere in the house. Fire safety boxes are usually very heavy, although portable versions are available. Portable fire safety boxes have a very limited capacity, but they can be very useful for storing things which you would like to be able to grab quickly in a fire.

Purchasing a fire safety box is strongly recommended for many people. If you have objects which you believe are irreplaceable, a fire safety box is the best place to keep them. Fire safety boxes can also be useful for storing things like copies of drivers licenses, medical paperwork, wills, and other materials which you may want to access quickly in the wake of a fire. The security of a safe is also a very good idea for people who keep jewels and other valuable objects at home for quick access.


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What does the average fire safe cost? A house in my neighborhood recently burned down and I have been thinking a lot about fire safety. I would like to get a fire safe box but if they are especially expensive I might just get a safe deposit box at my bank.

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I have a fire resistant safe that I keep all my most important documents in. In the event of a fire you might loose things that it would be impossible to recover. I keep passports, birth certificates, important financial info and, most importantly, cherished family pictures in there. In the event of a fire I don't want my whole past to burn up.

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What are they typically made out of?

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