What is a Fashion Emergency?

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A fashion emergency can be best described as a state in which a person does not fit into the current, acceptable modes of fashion. Usually, mismatched, ill-fitting or strange clothes are considered to be the source a fashion emergency, but accidents that ruin clothes can also be thought of as fashion emergencies. Bad makeup or hair also has the potential to be called a fashion emergency if it does not complement an outfit or flatter the wearer.

The term "fashion emergency" can refer to the appearance of someone who has fallen into a rut with his or her personal style. People who have this problem can find themselves dressing in the same way every day, often in styles of fashion that can be perceived as outdated or strange. As a result, they might enlist the help of another person, such as a friend, relative or even a personal stylist, to aid them in adopting a fashion style that is more attractive or becoming.


A fashion emergency also can refer to an accident that ruins the style, look or uniformity of an outfit. An example of this is pantyhose that has been snagged accidentally, causing a run. Torn pantyhose can take an outfit from appearing sharp to looking sloppy, so the wearers could consider this accident to be a fashion emergency. Wearers might carry extra pantyhose or products that can immediately mend the pantyhose if they should tear. Similarly, those who frequent restaurants can carry products that act as stain removers in case they spill food on their clothes, which is another potential source of a fashion emergency.

There are many products available that are marketed as being solutions to fashion emergencies, but consumers should also be aware that they can use common products to help stop potential fashion disasters. Carrying safety pins to mend torn hems or cuffs, nail polish remover pads to remove marker ink from leather and clear nail polish to stop runs in pantyhose can spare someone the embarrassment of a fashion emergency. Simply having a needle and thread handy can make a big difference for someone who needs to re-thread a button on a shirt or pair of pants.

Fashion emergencies can extend to personal grooming as well. Makeup and hair often complement the look of clothing, so these things can be important to fashion in general. Those who undergo wardrobe makeovers also can have beauty makeovers in which makeup is changed and hair is cut or styled to flatter the person's face. Good hair and makeup can make for a more cohesive look.


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Fashion emergencies: we've all had them. Clear nail polish and hairspray both repair runs in pantyhose, so if one is not available, try the other. Clear nail polish can also be used to smooth rough metal edges, like the earpieces on glasses, Just brush on several coats and let dry.

One of the worst emergencies is probably a broken zipper. Buttons can be re-sewn in five minutes, but a zipper is a serious problem. One way is to fasten the garment closed with safety pins on the inside and wear a wrap so it won't be noticed.

A tube of super glue can often fix broken heels or a sole of a shoe that has separated and believe it or not, duct tape torn to half width can repair a hem temporarily.

People who are walking fashion felonies, as opposed to emergencies, probably need the intervention of more fashion-conscious friends.

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