What is a Dust Collection Hose?

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Dust collection hoses are a primary component of dust collection systems, which can often be found in workshops and other areas with large machinery. When materials such as wood, metal and particleboard are cut, fragments can be released into the air, causing health hazards such as respiratory ailments, skin problems, damage to the eyes and possibly liver or kidney disease. Dust can also cause premature machine failure and a messy work area. A dust collection system acts as a vacuum to remove these particles from the air and store them in a container until they can be disposed of properly. There are different types of hoses for general dust, metal dust, and wood dust collection.

A general dust collection hose is used in small workshops where dust is present, but minimal. This type of flexible hose is used to control light airborne dust particles caused by dirt and powder. The majority of these hoses are made of 100% pure polyester, making them lightweight, yet strong.

A metal dust collection hose is used to collect dust caused by the cutting, drilling and manipulation of metal products. They are usually found in conjunction with saws, grinders, lathes and milling machines. Metal dust collection hoses are made of 100% polyester that has been reinforced by a polyurethane coating. This extra coating prevents the dust collecting hose from being damaged by metal shards. The polyurethane coating is heavy, thus increasing the weight of the hose.


Wood dust collecting hoses are usually found in wood mills and are used in conjunction with saws, routers, planers, sanders and molders. This dust removal system removes sawdust and wood chips from the air, preventing them from being inhaled and possibly causing damage to the lungs. Like the metal dust collection hose, this flexible hose is made of 100% polyester that has been coated in polyurethane to prevent damage.

Due to the fact that a dust collection hose can be used in various environments, there are numerous features available. These include electrically conductive material for use in explosive environments, gas-tight features, chemical and oil resistance, halogen- and plasticizer-free materials and UV and ozone resistance. Hoses come in various diameters, ranging in size from 1 to 16 inches (2.54 to 40.64 cm). The flexibility of dust collection hoses allows them to be maneuvered around machinery, making dust collection possible from every angle.


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