What is a Drawer Pull Backplate?

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A drawer pull backplate is a decorative plate that can be placed behind a knob or handle on a cabinet or drawer to add a touch of class.

Drawer pull backplates come in every imaginable design to fit the motif or style of any home. By adding backplates to your kitchen cabinetry you can change the look of the kitchen with very little expense or trouble.

Drawer pull backplates come in two basic configurations with either a single center screw hole to accommodate knob style pulls, or double screw holes for parallel-stemmed handles. Of the type that have two holes, make sure the holes on the backplates you want are spaced to match your current cabinetry. The common standard for backplates is a 3" center, (the holes are spaced 3 inches or 7.6 centimeters apart), but other center distances exist.

Installation of drawer pull backplates is simple. Just remove the current knob or handle by unscrewing it from accessing the screw's head inside the face of the drawer. Place the drawer pull backplate on the front of the drawer so that its hole(s) align with the holes in the drawer, then hold the knob or handle in place while you replace the screw(s). The backplate will now sit behind the knob/handle, adding a classy, finished look to your cabinetry.


Drawer pull backplates range in price from about a dollar each to 5 dollars or more (USD). With a myriad of designs you're sure to be able to match your current hardware whether the style you require is polished brass, antique bronze, traditional silver or classic modern. It's a good idea to unscrew one of your knobs or handles and take it with you while shopping so you're sure to match the style and cast or color. Antique finishes vary widely, and even polished finishes vary.

If you would like to change your current knobs and handles too, many styles of knobs and pulls come with backplates already attached. Again make sure that any double-stemmed hardware matches up with the present holes in your cabinetry, unless you're willing to drill new ones.

Changing hardware is a simple, inexpensive way to spice up your kitchen without the cost of remodeling. Drawer pull backplates are available in hardware stores everywhere. Take a look at the variety and let the interior designer in you envision your new kitchen today!

Drawer pull backplates can also cover up worn wood around heavily used knobs. If you have some old drawers that have seen plenty of use, installing backplates can lengthen their lifespan.


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