What is a Dozuki Saw?

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A Dozuki saw is a Japanese handsaw. Its look is unique, resembling an old-fashioned, ivory handled man's shaving razor. Much larger than a shaving blade, the Dozuki saw is about 24 inches (61 cm) in length with the handle made of a combination of hardwood and bamboo. The blade is single-sided with a strong reinforced steel back making the Dozuki saw an efficient and effective tool.

The desired job for a Dozuki saw is preparing joints, mainly tenons and dovetails. These ninety-degree angle joints must be as precise as possible in order to hold adjoining wood properly. A mortise and tenon joint is a hole and a peg, the tenon being the peg. Dovetail joints consist of interlocking tails that resemble those of a dove.

One of the main differences between a Dozuki saw and a western saw is the motion in which it cuts. A Dozuki saw cuts on the pull stroke as opposed to the back stroke. As the woodworker pulls the saw toward him the cut is made. When the blade is pushed forward, the wood dust is brushed off the teeth. With a thin blade that contains, on average, 26 teeth per inch (tpi). Each tooth holds a 3-sided edge, making a Dozuki saw extremely precise. It slices into the wood without tearing at it making for beautiful craftsmanship.


For tight fitting joints or smaller projects, there is also the mini Dozuki saw. It averages about 15 inches (38.1 cm) in length and 18 tpi. The thinner blade is not ideal for hard woods, but can be an excellent start for beginners. If you have never handled a saw that cuts on the pull, it can take some getting used to. The mini Dozuki saw may be the right choice for your first Japanese saw.

Japanese construction is not only visually appealing it is also quite durable. Their tools have been trusted by generation after generation. The Dozuki saw is one of the finest woodworking tools on the market today. Pricing for Dozuki saws range from $15 US dollars (USD) up to $70 US dollars (USD).


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