What Is a Douche Tube?

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A douche tube is a small nozzle, tube, or hose that is used to insert a vaginal rinse, also known as douche. Most tubes are made from some form of plastic and they are connected to a bag or bottle used for mixing and inserting the liquid. Most douche tubes are long and slender so that they can be inserted into the vagina comfortably far enough to "wash" deep inside.

In some cases an enema bag may be used with a douche tube or nozzle. Those who go this route should remember never to use the same tube vaginally as anally. This could spread bacteria into the vagina, causing an infection. The tube should be washed thorough after each use with hot water and soap. In some cases a small amount of bleach should also be used to kill any lingering germs. The tube should then be rinsed thoroughly and allowed to air dry before being stored.

The most popular form of douche tube is one that is attaches to a plastic container. These are usually disposable and available in most pharmacies, but reusable options are also available. In most cases a douche tube will actually look more like a nozzle. Disposable tubes are made from hard plastic and they screw onto the top of a liquid-filled bottle. Various formulas are used to make douche, and the one used will depend on why one is douching.


There is a lot of controversy on the subject of douching. It used to be considered a good way to clean inside the vagina, preventing odors and flushing away excess cervical mucus. Many women say they feel fresh after using douche, and it is still widely available in pharmacies and grocery stores. Studies have shown that douching can lead to health problems such as vaginal infections because it throws off the pH balance of the vagina. For this reason, if a woman does choose to douche, it is advised that she do so infrequently.

Some situations may call for the use of a douche tube. Vaginal infections caused by bacteria and yeast can be remedied by a therapeutic douche comprised either of diluted antiseptic or hydrogen peroxide. Many women use these methods rather than antibiotics. A reusable bag and tube would be most beneficial in this case, since the liquid will be mixed up at home. No woman should make her own douche treatment without discussing it with a doctor.


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Post 3

I had to see my doctor last week because I douched at home and the douche tube scratched me and caused pain and bleeding. I didn't realize that the tube was a little textured and there was one part which was kind of sharp. I don't know why I didn't pay attention to this before. Now, I have to take antibiotics o make sure that I don't get an infection and the irritation continues.

My doctor was quite angry with me and told me again that I don't need to douche. She's right and I think I'm going to stop douching unless it's required by my doctor in the future.

Post 2

@SteamLouis-- You don't need one separately unless you prepare your own douche solutions at home and use a reusable douche bottle/bulb/bag. And no, the tubes are not one size fits all. So if you are going to get a reusable douche bottle, you need to get a tube that will fit it. These are usually sold together but I also know that some people prefer to get enema bags separately and the nozzle/tube separately.

I's also the case that different people need different sizes for a comfortable fit. Anyone who has douched before knows that a bad fit means the solution will leak out and there won't be any point.

Post 1

I've never purchased a douche tube separately. I always use the douche kits and those come attached with a tube or nozzle. Are douche tubes sold separately more comfortable or do they work better? Can they be attached to any douche bottle?

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