What is a Double Papasan Chair?

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A double papasan chair, also sometimes referred to as a mamasan chair, is exactly what it sounds like. Similar to comparing a loveseat to an armchair, a double papasan chair is a papasan chair designed to seat two people. These chairs feature an over sized bowl-shaped seat on top of a drum-like base.

Papasan chairs generally come with seat cushions that are designed to fit perfectly in the bowl-shaped seat. These cushions are very versatile because they can be swapped out if the design of the room changes. You can easily change the look of the chair without having to go out and buy a new piece of furniture. Cushions can be custom made, of course, but most come in standard sizes.

A standard papasan chair is round and approximately 45 inches (114 cm) in diameter. A double papasan chair is more oblong in shape, and is around 65 inches long (165 cm) by 45 inches wide (114 cm). The cushions, therefore, will be very slightly smaller than this so they can fit inside the seat.


A double papasan chair might be made out of wood or wicker. If you will be using the chair a lot, or keeping it out on a deck or sun room, wood might be a better choice because it will hold up better over time. Some papasan chairs are designed so that the seat can be tilted forward or backward, which is a feature you might want to look for if you will spend a lot of time relaxing in the chair reading or watching television.

The papasan cushion usually attaches to the double papasan chair with snaps or a series of Velcro® tabs. If kids will be using the chair, be sure that the cushion is firmly attached. The cushions come in many different fabrics, which include cotton, polyester, canvas, denim, and suede, just to name a few. If you are able to sew, you might even be able to make your own cushion covers in any pattern you can imagine.

In addition to single and double papasan chairs, there are also smaller children's papasan chairs. These are great for kids' rooms or playrooms where kids can sit and read a book or color. A double papasan chair is a great place for two or three kids to sit and relax or watch some TV, or for one person to be able to stretch out and relax.


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