What Is a Double Dishwasher?

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A double dishwasher is a cleaning system for dishes that utilizes two stacked drawers. These models are often identical in size to standard washer units, and can be installed beneath cabinetry near the sink in the same manner. The two roll out drawers are designed to function independently of one another. Only one portion of the washer can be used when needed, or both portions can be programmed to perform separate tasks.

Most double dishwasher models are built to match standard washers in size. Standard washer sizing typically features models that are 24 inches (61 centimeters) wide, 35 inches (89 centimeters) high, and 22 inches (55 centimeters) deep. They can be installed beneath the cabinetry in the same manner as single dishwashers, and require a hookup to the sink or water pipe and a separate line to drain wastewater. The dual drawer system functions differently than a standard model, however, in that each drawer pulls out along a sliding track. Traditional models open from the top down, using several bottom hinges, and only the interior racks roll out.


Each drawer in a double dishwasher can be used independently of the other. Homeowners can choose to run small loads of dishes, such as mugs and saucers, while simultaneously conserving both water and energy. The drawers may also be run at the same time on two different wash cycles. One drawer may hold delicate china and be set to a rinse only cycle, while the bottom drawer may contain heavily soiled pans that requires a higher level of heat intensity.

Additional features which may be found on a double dishwasher include a delayed start option, adjustable racks, and a garbage disposal. The delayed start setting provides the user with several hourly increments at which the washer may be set to begin running its cycles. This allows the machine to run during off-peak energy hours generally at a lower electricity price rate. Any size dish, pot, or pan can be fit into the machine and washed using its movable rack system. Food that is removed from dishes during the wash cycle is easily ground down by the garbage disposal and drained through the attached plumbing without causing clogs.

The double dishwasher is available for sale from most local home improvement stores and through Internet ordering. These models tend to be two to three times in price that of their single function counterparts. They are generally manufactured in stainless steel and black finishes, and may include interior mounted controls that are not visible from the outside.


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