What is a DIY Wedding?

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A DIY Wedding, or “Do it Yourself Wedding” is a phrase that refers to weddings in which some or all of the tasks typically outsourced to vendors are taken on by the bride and groom to be. Opting for a DIY wedding is becoming an increasingly popular decision amongst couples today, due to the potential cost-savings and greater creative freedom afforded by a DIY wedding.

One of the most popular components of a DIY wedding is homemade wedding invitations and the wider spectrum of wedding stationary, which includes save-the-date cards, maps, RSVP cards, thank you notes, and more. Many stationary companies that carry wedding invitations now also offer DIY wedding invitations which come partially assembled in varying degrees. Depending on what type of DIY package they ordered, the bride and groom may have to prepare the wedding invitations in any number of ways, including printing them from a CD template, or attaching tags, ribbons, and other accessories. DIY wedding invitations and other stationary are not always cheaper than pre-assembled packages. Therefore, couples who are mainly motivated by cost-savings should compare pricing between the particular DIY wedding stationary package they’re considering and pre-assembled invitations.


DIY wedding favors are another popular component to a DIY wedding. Like DIY wedding invitations, DIY wedding favors may also come partially assembled by a wedding vendor. For example, flat paper cartons which must be folded and stuffed with chocolates or other candies that are purchased separately. DIY wedding favors offer the most flexibility than other DIY wedding options as they can often be purchased by non-wedding vendors. For example, the couple can choose small tokens in bulk which can be purchased anywhere – such as fans or candles – and then attach their names and wedding date to the token with a small tag, creating a keepsake for guests.

When it comes to the wedding banquet or meal, couples often find that there is less room for DIY options. For many couples planning a wedding, the reception meal accounts for a large portion of their wedding budget. However, due to the scale and work associated with preparing and serving a meal to potentially hundreds of guests, most wedding receptions are catered rather than DIY. Some couples will attempt to incorporate DIY elements into their reception, however, by opting for a cash bar which they stock themselves, or purchasing pre-made hors d’oeuvres and snack trays for a standing reception in lieu of a sit-down meal.


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Post 2

Very promising idea of DIY wedding. My sister is getting married, the couple got engaged in a traditional manner and is looking for a unique way to get married. She is all done with the Boca Raton catering services they opted by visiting website online and has planned everything for guests, but looking for advice to make the ceremony remembered by her fiancee. The above DIY wedding tips will be really helpful to give surprise to her better half. Thank you for sharing!

Post 1

In a word, a DIY wedding is *cheaper*! My wedding was largely DIY. We did have our invitations and napkins printed professionally, but that was before these could be easily done at home.

My dress was professionally altered and we had the services of a bridal salon, but since our wedding and reception were at church, no vendors were needed. The only music we had at the reception was the sound of happy voices, and our reception food -- cake, punch, nuts and cheese straws -- was provided by friends and family. We used the church's candelabra and did rent dripless candles and a florist did our flowers. Other than that, we took care of everything.

Our costs came in at about $2,000, including my dress, church rental, flowers, invitations, napkins and tux rental. We didn't go into debt, either. We paid for everything ourselves.

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