What is a Dimple Piercing?

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A dimple piercing is also commonly referred to as a cheek piercing. These piercings are normally done in the center of the cheek, which is where most dimples appear. Dimple piercings may either be done directly on existing dimples or in the area where a dimple would be if a person had one. These piercings might make a person appear to have dimples when she does not, or they might accentuate the appearance of existing dimples. A dimple piercing may not be the right choice for everyone because the scar that is left behind tends to be larger and more noticeable than other piercing scars, and it might not fade completely over time.

If a person has decided he definitely wants a dimple piercing, the first thing he should do is select a reputable piercer. This type of body modification is best done by a professional who has experience with cheek piercings. Before the piercing is done, the piercer will likely go over every aspect of the piercing, including how it will be performed and aftercare instructions. With dimple piercings, the piercer normally places a clamp on the cheek area to hold it in place before inserting the needle. This type of piercing may be incredibly painful because the cheek area tends to be the thickest part of the face, and the needle will have to travel through lots of tissue.


After the area is pierced, a labret will normally be inserted. This is a type of body jewelry that is also frequently used for lip piercings. It is inserted into the cheek piercing, and metal balls are typically screwed onto each end. The initial labret that is worn will probably be made of either titanium or surgical steel because those are metals not as likely to cause an allergic reaction. Additionally, the first labret worn just after the piercing will likely be larger in size than ones worn after it heals to compensate for any cheek swelling.

A person who has just had a dimple piercing done will need to clean it with saline solution roughly two times a day until it heals. The jewelry should not be removed during the healing period, and it is usually recommended for a person to avoid eating or drinking any foods that might irritate the piercing. Some things that should be avoided are very spicy foods and alcohol. For most people, dimple piercings heal up completely within two months, but it could take as long as three or four if it becomes infected.


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Post 3

@burcinc-- I'm interested in dimple piercings too, but does it look good on men?

I've heard different stories about how painful it is. Some say that cheeks have thick issue and so the piercing hurts a lot. Others have told me that it's not as painful as they thought it would be. I guess it depends on the individual's tolerance for pain. I have high tolerance so I think I would be fine even without topical anesthetic.

Has anyone here gotten one and can give us some personal insight?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dimple piercings? And what kind of piercing jewelry do you prefer for them?

Post 2

@alisha-- I think dimple piercings are great. I heard that they numb the cheeks before piercing so it doesn't hurt. And it looks amazing!

I have a friend who had it done, she had slight dimples before but they were not very apparent. Now, she looks like she's smiling all the time. She looks gorgeous! It makes me want to get it too.

You should check out dimple piercing images, you will realize how beautiful this piercing is.

Post 1

I've heard of weird body piercings but this is as weird as it gets! It must be the most painful experience ever! Ouch!

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