What is a Digital Security System?

Alexis W.

A Digital Security System is a high-tech combination of equipment installed to detect potential intruders or attackers inside a home or other establishment. The system usually consists of digital cameras or video surveillance cameras, sound-attenuation motors, sensors, and motion detectors. Most forms of property are susceptible to theft, and having a digital security system installed in a home, office, or business can provide its users with a sense of security, and the upper hand in collecting substantial evidence in the case of actual break-ins.

A digital security system can provide security surveillance for the exterior of a building.
A digital security system can provide security surveillance for the exterior of a building.

Typically, a digital security system will have several components. CCTV or Video surveillance cameras are usually included. These cameras produce and record images for surveillance purposes.

A video transmitter may be used to carry signals from a security camera.
A video transmitter may be used to carry signals from a security camera.

Cameras can be installed atop a property, or in any strategic and hidden location in the exterior or interior of a property. The most popular form of video surveillance camera is a “bullet’ or a seemingly small telescope, which has largely replaced the more conspicuous box-type cameras since they are more durable and are even weatherproof. Its other features include: day or night operation capabilities, built-in lens, and more importantly, they can be installed easily and are inexpensive.

Motion Detectors are just as important as video cameras to a digital security system. When a motion detector is installed, it may seem unresponsive, but when the motion detector detects motion of any kind, an alarm is set-off, other security equipment is usually activated, and the authorities may be notified. Some motion detectors may also automatically turn-on a spotlight to expose the surrounding area of the property –either revealing an intruder or aiding the property owners see their way around their home.

Sound-attenuation monitors are very clever pieces of technology that may also prove useful as a component in a digital security system. They are specifically designed to effectively discriminate between the many sounds that are made within a property. Sound-attenuation monitors are able to distinguish between the sounds of a generator or air conditioning system, and the sounds of shattering glass.

Other digital security systems may also include Infrared (IR) illuminators. These cameras emit low frequency IR light with electromagnetic radiation that is able see what a blind eye or darkened room cannot. In simpler terms, the IR light is able to provide vision for a camera that is installed in an unlit room.

IR illuminators can come in different forms. They come either in laser forms, lamps, or diodes. For better range and high-quality images, lasers are the most efficient.

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, surveillance can now be wireless. A digital security system can thus be less expensive to install than it's hard-wired counterparts. Furthermore, with wireless technology, equipment can be installed remotely without compromising its efficiency.

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