What Is a Digital Keyring?

B. Miller

A digital keyring is an electronic gadget that can have a number of different features. Digital picture keyrings are some of the most common types, which allow users to load a favorite picture or set of pictures onto the keyring so they can be viewed anytime. Others will feature a flashlight or other convenient tool. A pricier digital keyring might feature a USB drive, to allow users to carry documents and files with them wherever they go, which can be very convenient. These are frequently given out as marketing items, branded with the name of the company; these keyrings also make popular gifts and stocking stuffers.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Carrying digital photos on a digital keyring is a great way to show them off to others at any time, particularly photos of special events such as a wedding or the birth of a new baby. These digital keyrings are typically fairly inexpensive and feature a small LCD screen that can be switched on or off. It simply connects to the computer, generally through a USB port, allowing users to select a photo or group of photos to add to it. The amount of photos that can be loaded onto the device depends on the amount of memory it has; it is typically not possible to add additional memory to a digital keyring.

Rather than just serving as a digital photo frame, some digital keyrings can also function as a pocket camera or even a digital video recorder. These are much more expensive, and generally with fairly low photo and video quality, but for kids or for those who just want to take quick pictures while on the go, they can be a great choice. Some are designed to be clandestine recorders disguised as car keys, which may or may not be legal depending on the way it is used, so that's important to keep in mind as well.

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Of course, a digital keyring does not just refer to a photo or video display and/or recording device. USB keys are common digital keyrings; users can store computer files and documents on these keychains and easily transfer them to different devices or other computers. These are frequently handed out at conferences and events as a type of marketing freebie, but they are also quite inexpensive to purchase in electronics stores or online. Keep in mind that they are easy to lose, however, so it is generally a good idea not to store sensitive information on a digital USB keyring unless it is encrypted.

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