What is a Digital Bathroom Scale?

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A digital bathroom scale is a device that allows the user to determine his or her current weight by stepping on the scale. The user's weight is displayed as a digital numerical readout; this differs from an analog bathroom scale, where a spinning dial displays the user's weight. Many people make use of a digital bathroom scale to track their weight loss, and to set goals for themselves.

A digital bathroom scale typically has the ability to display weight in pounds or kilograms, and may be switched with the touch of a button. A scale that displays weight only is the most basic and inexpensive type of bathroom scale. The numbers are typically displayed in a large, easy to read format, without needing to bend over. Some scales will continue to display the numbers for a few seconds after the user steps off the scale. Many digital bathroom scales have additional features, however.

A digital bathroom scale might have the capability to estimate body fat percentage. The user first enters his or her age and height, and when he or she steps on the scale, the readout shows the weight along with a body fat percentage. This is a helpful feature because body fat percentage is one way to determine an accurate level of health. A high body fat percentage can be a better indicator of the need to lose weight and get in shape than the weight alone. This is because body fat percentage varies widely depending on body type, and a high body fat percentage may be linked to diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

In addition, a digital bathroom scale might also be able to display an estimate of body water. This can help users to determine their actual weight versus the water weight they may be carrying, as well as indicate to them if they need to drink more water on a regular basis. Some digital bathroom scales are able to keep track of weight and fat percentages on a daily basis, and recall these as needed.

A digital bathroom scale is typically made of glass, metal, plastic, or a combination thereof. Many are designed to be extremely thin and unnoticeable, able to be slid underneath a counter and out of sight when not in use. The user may then simply pull the scale out and step on it to determine weight when necessary. Digital bathroom scales are typically fairly inexpensive, and may be found in a number of house and home stores, discount stores, or online.

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