What is a Die Cut Sticker?

M. Rosario

A die cut sticker is usually made from vinyl and coated with polyester to make the sticker durable. As the name suggests, this type of sticker can be cut into any shape with a die cut sticker machine. Outdoor advertising, decals, signage, and die cut labels are some die cut stickers.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Vinyl stickers are durable and waterproof, making them a good choice for outdoor use. They are usually printed with a coat of polyester which makes the text and designs on the stickers weather resistant. The stickers are also particularly useful at night when printed on reflective paper. Even the adhesive applied to the back of the sticker is normally of high quality. As a result, the stickers can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Die cut stickers are versatile and easily customized. Many businesses put their logo on a die cut sticker to use as outdoor advertising. The stickers are also relatively inexpensive, making them ideal for giveaways.

The creative designs and variety of uses make die cut stickers especially popular with kids. It is common for kids to start a collection of limited edition stickers of their favorite shows or characters. Additionally, die cut window stickers are commonly seen in car windows or on other motor vehicles, displaying team or brand loyalty.

There are three main processes in creating a die cut sticker. The first is the creation of the sticker design. An artist usually draws the custom die cut design with graphics software which makes editing easier.

The next step is printing. Before it is printed, the design is duplicated on a sheet numerous times. This is done to use as much space on the sticker paper as possible. The final format is then converted into a stencil which is used as the negative for silk screen printing. A separate silk screen is made for each color. The screens are then mounted on the printing press.

A die tool is prepared to cut the sticker shape. Unless the design calls for a unique shape, the die tool is normally circular or rectangular in shape. Rubber is then placed on the bottom of the die tool to prevent the sticker paper from getting stuck. The die tool is then placed on the die cut sticker machine which cuts the stickers into individual pieces.

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