What is a Diaper Cake?

Ken Black

Often seen at a baby shower, but rarely anywhere else, the diaper cake is one of the more unique baby shower gifts an expecting mom is likely ever to receive. However, it is not a cake one would enjoy eating as it is entirely made up of disposable baby diapers. Although, it would be possible to use cloth diapers, this is rarely, if ever, done.

Disposable diapers are used to make a diaper cake.
Disposable diapers are used to make a diaper cake.

A diaper cake looks like a multi-layered cake. Some may compare it to a wedding cake, at least from a distance. Upon further inspection, the "cake" is nothing but multiple diapers, and it usually takes dozens to get the full effect, rolled up and wrapped around each other in a circular pattern, built on multiple tiers. Often, the diapers are white, but colored diapers can be bought that will make for a truly special diaper cake.

A diaper cake is a practical gift for a baby shower.
A diaper cake is a practical gift for a baby shower.

One of the attractions of the "cake" during the baby shower is that it allows the giver to have plenty of options. The cake can be as elaborate, or as simple as one would like. It can take less than an hour to make or it can be a project encompassing several days. The nice thing about a diaper cake is that it can look very impressive no matter how much time is spent on it.

Women who have previously given birth may already have many baby supplies.
Women who have previously given birth may already have many baby supplies.

In some ways, this cake is nothing but an elaborate way to wrap a gift, or a group of gifts. These gifts are normally placed toward the center of the cake and allows for the expectant mother to "unwrap" the cake in order to find out what is in the center. As the diaper cake can be rather large, it is able to conceal some rather large gifts.

A diaper cake begins with wrapping a single diaper, then adding multiple rolled diapers in a circle around that core. It is easiest to start with the top level, which may just be one diaper, and work down from there. A three-tiered cake takes approximately 50 small diapers. Once the layers are made, smaller gifts can be inserted in place of some of the diapers or, if they are small enough, can be crowded in beside the diapers.

Once the diapers are all in place, ribbons and other sorts of color features can be added to the diaper cake. This really makes the creation come alive and gives it a very high profile. Of course, if the gender of the baby is already known, the cake can be made in appropriate colors celebrating that fact.

Not only does this offer a chance to get the expectant mom some nice gifts, the gift wrap is also very practical. New parents will always need diapers and this gives them dozens right from the start, presented in a very unique way. Of course, it would be possible just to present the mom-to-be with a case of diapers, but a diaper cake really shows thought and creativity.

New parents have a constant need for diapers.
New parents have a constant need for diapers.

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A departure from the traditional, disassemble and use cake design can be had. The diapers are set flat and built to be a permanent fixture. Imagine the baby at five years old still gazing in awe at her baby shower centerpiece, usually in the form of a model airplane, etc.


While this is really a good article, I think a couple of points need to be added.

1. A diaper cake makes a great baby shower centerpiece instead of flowers. The cake can be styled to match the colors or theme of the baby shower adding a unique look to each table. After the baby shower, the expectant mom can then use all the diapers for the care of the new baby.

2. Baby diaper cakes are also purchased as baby gifts even if there is not a baby shower. Many people send them to friends, family members, or work colleagues as they are very practical gifts. --Candy


And, if the maker is creative about attaching the diapers, the cake can be disassembled and the diapers used for their intended purpose.

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