What is a Detangling Brush?

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A detangling brush is a type of brush specially designed for longer hair that is very thick and easily get tangled or knotted. Like the name implies, this type of brush is used primarily to detangle hair or smooth out knotted hair. Detangling brushes are characterized by a wider, ergonomic design. They usually have ball-tipped nylon bristles that are spaced wider especially for detangling and are set in a rubber, air cushioned pad. A detangling brush sometimes is referred to as a paddle brush because of its wider design.

Some detangling brushes are popular with women of African descent as well as women of other ethnicities who typically have thick hair that readily tangles. Many hair salons also use detangling brushes specifically for detangling wet hair. There are many brands of detangling brushes available on the market, and they can cost anywhere from $5 US Dollars (USD) to nearly $100 USD.

Many people with thick, easy-to-tangle hair use a detangling shampoo for ease of combing or brushing wet hair, or they might use hair lotion or oil on dry hair to soften the hair so that a comb or brush can "slip" through the hair. Most people with this type of hair, however, find it easiest to comb their hair when it is wet, and wet hair breaks more easily. For this reason, hair type and texture must be considered when selecting the right detangling brush.


The types and brands of detangling brushes can be researched online, but it is best to purchase them in person so that the brush can be handled its grip or handle tested for comfort. Being able to firmly hold the brush while detangling it will help to avoid excess breakage of hair. Thicker, longer hair might require a larger detangling brush, and thinner hair might be managed well enough with a smaller brush. Comfort also is an important feature, because most people want a brush that can detangle while providing a "painless" styling experience.


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