What Is a Dermatology Clinic?

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A dermatology clinic is a medical facility dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of skin-related conditions. Cosmetic and medically necessary procedures can be carried out at some dermatology clinics, as can diagnostic care and non-surgical treatments. Some dermatology clinics actually serve animal, rather than human clientele, focusing on the skin conditions and ailments common to pets.

A reputable dermatology clinic will only employ licensed doctors and caregivers. Licensed dermatologists typically go through several years of specialty training following medical school before beginning a full-time practice. Other workers at a dermatology clinic may include nurses, holistic professionals, and estheticians. While these professionals do not hold the same level of certification as a doctor, they may still be licensed to practice in their specific area. Patients with any questions about licensing practices, or which professional is legally allowed to handle a specific skin concern should not be afraid to ask the clinic for clarification.


Most dermatology clinics offer the services of several different licensed practitioners, often with varying specialties. Some commonly found specializations might include skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, laser surgery, or the treatment of chronic skin conditions, such as psoriasis or severe acne. Patients may be able to visit the same clinic for treatment as well as for the initial diagnosis, without having the headache of trying to find a specialist. Care given at a dermatology clinic may include in-office treatments, such as mole removal or laser surgery. Dermatologists may also provide oral or topical prescriptions for the treatment of some chronic or acute skin conditions.

In addition to medical treatments, a dermatology clinic may also offer a wide menu of cosmetic treatments and procedures. Facials, microdermabrasion, and basic chemical peels may be offered by estheticians, while more complex treatments such as laser skin resurfacing or tattoo removal may be performed by a licensed dermatologist. Dermatology clinics that offer cosmetic procedures often cultivate a spa-like atmosphere, to promote relaxation and add a touch of glamor to skincare.

An animal dermatology clinic may offer similar service as a medical dermatology treatment, but aimed toward furry and feathered friends. Some animals are highly prone to skin irritations, allergies, and infections, and may need to be treated by an animal dermatologist. These veterinary specialists can also diagnose and treat skin cancer in animals, as well as many common conditions, such as chronic skin irritation. Basic-care veterinarians are often a good source of information about nearby animal dermatology clinics.


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