What Is a Depilation Machine?

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Depilation is the process of removing hair from the human body. A depilation machine is any machine that can be used to remove hair. The term typically refers to any of a group of machines that uses a laser or other means of heating the hair to remove it and retard future growth. These machines are made for both home and commercial use.

A home depilation machine is intended for personal, rather than salon, use. Such machines are typically fairly small and lightweight, with relatively simple controls. It is not designed to be in constant use and usually is not made to run for a significant number of hours per week.

Machines intended for commercial use must be far sturdier than those designed for home use. A commercial depilation machine may be in use almost constantly, operating for many hours each day. These are made so that the likelihood of overheating or burning out is small, as long as they are used within the manufacturer’s specified limits.

Laser and heated wire depilation machines are two of the more common types of machines that are readily available. In both cases the depilation machine works by generating heat to destroy any growing hair. The process will kill the root as well as the hair, diminishing the ability of the hair to grow back.


Removing hair with a laser depilation machine often requires that the hair be shaved immediately prior to treatment. The laser is then applied to the skin, where it heats up both the skin and the hair. In most cases there is some pain associated with this procedure, and it may be possible to burn skin if certain safety precautions are not followed. Laser systems are commonly used in commercial applications.

A thermodynamic wire is the main feature in some types of depilation equipment. Such systems do not require that the user shave the area first; these are usually said to be pain free. Once an area has been treated with the depilation machine the user buffs the skin with a buffing pad, which is used to remove the dead hair. At this point cream can be applied to discourage further hair growth and to soften the treated skin.


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