What is a Deep Fried Candy Bar?

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If you ever thought candy bars were luscious and delicious enough on their own, then you’ll probably be surprised at this article. For those readers who think everything should be deep fried, likely the idea of making a deep fried candy bar will seem like the most deliciously sensible idea you ever heard of. Starting as a novelty in the 1990s, according to some sources, the deep fried candy bar has moved into the mainstream in the US, the UK and much of the Australian continent.

Some reports on the deep fried candy bar suggest they originated as something of a joke in Scotland in the mid-1990s. The early candy bars to be battered and fried were likely Mars Bars® and they may have been first prepared in Stonehaven, Scotland at the Haven Chip Bar. However cooks may have independently prepared these much sooner for home consumption alone, since in the 1980s there were references to them in several UK comedy shows.

What started on a whim soon became a fad. People in the British Isles, especially at pubs and restaurants preferred the Mars Bar as the ultimate deep-frying delight. New Zealanders fried up Moros® and Americans created deep fried Snickers®. You can pretty much choose your favorite candy bar for deep-frying. There are websites that discuss this topic in depth and a critical minority in favor of Twix®. The method though, is pretty much the same no matter which bar you choose.


Any candy bar is dipped in batter, usually similar to a fish and chips or funnel cake batter, and then briefly submerged in heated oil. As the batter crisps on the outside, the middle of the candy bar melts, creating a molten and chewy interior. Depending upon how long the candy bar is cooked, the candy bar may have melted away or it may retain its shape. Those bars with cookies in them like Twix® will retain a crispy center.

While the deep fried candy bar may be the ultimate in decadence, they are inexpensive and fairly easy to find. You may have luck finding them at local fairs, and they can certainly show up on menus at any restaurant that does a lot of frying. Some concern about calorie content exists, since a candy bar is already rich, and deep-frying only adds to the calories. If you’re looking at the deep fried candy bar as an unusual and very occasional treat, it isn’t likely to be much of concern. However, if they become your favorite snack food, you may want to find bigger pants in a hurry.


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