What is a DECT Baby Monitor?

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For many years the baby monitor has been a help to parents. The one difficulty with many models is that they often pick up other unrelated noises like cellphone or wireless phone calls, or static interference, causing interruptions in sleep or bad reception. One technology that has been applied to monitors to keep interference to a minimum is DECT, or digital enhanced cordless telecommunications.

One of the first companies to introduce the DECT baby monitor was Phillips®, and first models begin to roll out in the mid 2000s. These were considerably pricier than other monitors, and early prices were as high as $200 US Dollars (USD). Of course the monitors featured lots of bells and whistles in addition to the DECT technology. It had both temperature and humidity sensors which could alert parents if levels of moisture or temperature needed to be adjusted in a room. The DECT baby monitor also featured flashing lights on the receiving side, so that the monitor could be turned down but would flash if sounds were made. Additionally, the monitor had a tape deck on the transmitting end to play music to soothe babies.


In addition to these features, the DECT baby monitor has been reviewed as performing as promised, but only at a distance of no more than 1000 feet (304.8 m) from the transmitting source. It does have the ability to switch channels on its own, and it can select from over 50 channels to provide a more secure transmission of sound data. This can keep sound from the monitor very clear with few extra transmissions and little static to get in the way of hearing a baby.

Since the DECT baby monitor first was released, several more models have been introduced. Very basic models can usually be purchased for less than $100 USD, while the more tricked out types will still cost in the mid to high $100s USD. Since these monitors can hold up fairly well, people might want to look into acquiring one second hand, if they find the selling price on a new one too expensive. As mentioned, the range on the monitors may not be as good as in other types. A house with a lot of square footage might require a monitor with a longer range. If the baby is just next-door, particularly in a smaller home, range shouldn’t be an issue.


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