What is a Day Like for a Corporate Photographer?

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A corporate photographer is hired to provide professional quality photos and video recordings of a wide range of corporate events, publicity, and marketing materials. This type of job provides an opportunity to combine creativity with a recurring business need. A typical day for a corporate photographer is comprised of three kinds of events: publicity, marketing, and social events. This type of career requires a great deal of flexibility in the time available to complete the tasks required.

A publicity event can include a product launch, speech, or presentation. The photographer must go to the location in advance and identify the lighting, location and any issues. She must plan at least half of the shots or images in advance to obtain the required pictures. This may include clear pictures of a crowd of people, the presenter from different angles and the actual location.

Head shots are a specialty service provided by a corporate photographer. The setting and style of these types of photos requires time, careful staging, and the appropriate setting, based on the personality and the role of the executive.Publicity materials can include product shots or events. A product shot requires several meetings with the marketing and product management staff to decide on location, ideal photos, and concept. Teamwork, communication, and patience are all necessary.


Marketing materials require a great deal of communication and planning with both the marketing and product management departments. The corporate photographer is responsible for creating the test shots or mock images. Once approved, she is responsible for recreating the approved shot and producing the required images.

After taking the photos, it is now time to return to the studio and edit the images. Photographic imaging software is part of every photographer’s studio equipment. They must invest the time necessary to review the photos, edit as needed, and provide the client with a set of final images to select from. This type of work requires at least half of the working time on any project.

The corporate photographer meets with the client again to review the final shots and determine the selection. Any changes or edits required are discussed at this meeting. Once the final images are selected, then the photos are produced in the required sizes or given to the publisher to mass-produce.

To become a corporate photographer, you must have a portfolio of work that a potential client can review. This should provide a selection of your best work across a wide range of image types. Make sure that portraits, still life and landscape shots are included. These options provide an example of the breadth and depth of work that you can produce.


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