What is a Daily Detox Tea?

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The human body is exposed to many toxins during a standard day. These toxins come from the air, food and stress, and they can affect a person’s skin, immune system and overall health. Many holistic health practitioners and advocates of alternative medicine consume daily detox tea in an attempt to eliminate and cleanse toxins from the body. Daily detox tea comes in many forms, but most are comprised of more than one organ-cleansing herb and are prepared with boiling water.

Daily tea drinking has been a part of the Asian lifestyle for centuries and is considered a part of a holistic health. There are several differences between “regular” tea and daily detox tea. Standard tea usually is comprised of only one type of tea, such as green tea or black tea. Detox tea is made up of several types of teas and sometimes fruit. This typically is done because several herbs and teas might maximize the cleansing effects, given that each specific herb works to detox a particular organ.

There are many flavors of daily detox tea that work to revitalize and improve the function of different organs. For example, many peach detox teas usually are made up of peaches, ginger, black pepper, corn silk and dandelion. These ingredients have natural liver-cleansing properties, such as stimulating bile production. This type of tea might work to restore liver and kidney function as well as helping with urine production.


Lemon detox tea typically contains cayenne pepper and lemon juice. The lemon juice contains high amounts of vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps the immune system. Cayenne pepper has many healing properties and ingredients, such as capsicum, which helps with stomach problems and heart problems. Many people use different types of lemon detox tea to promote weight loss.

Other popular types of daily detox tea blends are chamomile blends and peppermint blends. Chamomile teas can assist in several ways. For example, they are believed to calm people who are under stress and to help with bloating and nausea. The main detoxing properties of this herb are eliminating allergens and pollutants.

Peppermint detox teas typically have many ingredients — some have up to 40 herbs. This type of daily detox tea assists with colon and stomach problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, nausea and indigestion. It also might help remove toxins in the colon.

There might be some risks associated with beginning a daily detox tea program. Prospective tea drinkers should discuss the particular tea blend with their doctors or pharmacists beforehand to ensure that the tea will not cause any reactions with current prescriptions or medications. Users also should follow the daily amount recommendations, because there have been medical problems and overdoses caused by over-consumption.


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Post 3

The best detox tea is made with fresh mint, cinnamon, ginger, lemon and honey. It also tastes very good.

I actually believe that all quality teas have detox benefits. Having a cup or two of regular black tea, green tea, oolong tea or white tea may be enough for most people. Those who want an extra strong detox tea can add the herbs and spices mentioned in the article.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- I have suffered from kidney sand in the past. I drink a detox tea that's made from parsley sap, green tea and lemon. This involves boiling parsley saps in clean water along with one or two green tea bags and some lemon slices. It doesn't taste great but it is effective. You need to drink a cup first thing in the morning before eating or drinking water. And remember to drink lots of water during the day to help with sand elimination.

If you have kidney sand very often or if you have a kidney stone, don't use these detox teas and home remedies as treatment. See a doctor for treatment because you may make things worse. Some kidney stones are large and may require surgery. Or recurring kidney sand and stones may be a sign of an underlying condition that needs treatment. Detox teas are more for general health and prevention, they're not treatment.

Post 1

Is there a recommended detox tea for kidney sand? I suffer from this periodically and I heard that detox tea may help the body get rid of the sand.

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