What is a Cut-And-Loop Carpet?

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All carpets are constructed of loops made from various types of yarn. Each one is a loop pile carpet at the outset, some having level loops and others have multi-level loops. In a cut-and-loop carpet, as the name indicates, some of the loops are cut while other loops remain intact. Cut-and-loop carpet should not be confused with cut pile carpet. Cut pile carpet is a style where all the loops are cut. This is done by machine to ensure uniformity.

Cutting only some of the loops, helps create an appearance and texture different from that of other carpets. With cut-and-loop carpet, the combination of cut loops and intact loops is frequently used to create a sculptured look or to create patterns that range from subtle to intricate. From grid patterns and lattice or basket weave to brocades, abstract designs and more, there are styles available for every taste that will work perfectly in many different design plans.

Various methods are used to create cut-and-loop carpet. Some carpets use level or unlevel loops from which a number are cut. The latter is known simply as unlevel loop cut pile. Other carpets use multi-level loops, where only the highest or the lowest loops are cut to create a more interesting effect. When only the higher loops are cut, the carpet is often referred to as tip sheared pile.


Cut-and-loop carpet is softer than loop pile and is very comfortable for living rooms and bedrooms. The variations in the loop lengths and cuts allow the carpet to reflect light in ways that make the pattern appear more pronounced. Light and shadow play a major role in the appearance of deeply sculptured carpets.

The different looks, textures, and styles available in cut-and-loop carpet are determined not only by the height of the loops and the number cut but also by the twist of the yarn. Tightly twisted yarns create a springy effect. Yarn that is not twisted as tightly creates a softer texture.

Sculptured or patterned carpets create beautiful options for nearly any setting, from traditional to contemporary. Cut-and-loop carpet can be used in formal design plans, but is most frequently chosen for casual or informal settings. They also work well in theme rooms where the pattern of the carpet coordinates with the theme.

While loop pile tends to hold up best to wear, cut-and-loop carpet is still a practical option. It provides more style while still maintaining good durability. For these reasons, cut-and-loop carpet is a favorite in many homes.


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Post 6

I used to do workouts on my cut-and-loop carpet. It was so soft that I didn’t even need an exercise mat.

I could even do sit-ups and push-ups on it without extra padding. I could lie comfortably on it, so bringing my head down to touch the ground was totally comfortable.

I have even fallen asleep on it before. I had company over, and my bed was full, so I curled up on the soft carpet and went to sleep. Other than a few strange impressions it left on my skin for awhile in the morning, it didn’t give me any problems.

Post 5

My office has cut-and-loop carpet in a basket weave design. I chose this type of carpet because its short, compact fibers would keep dirt from settling down in it. Also, I found the design visually interesting.

You have to get down really close to the floor to see that some loops remain while others have been cut. Though it is a short carpet, the cut fibers have some mobility, and you can push them back and forth with your hand.

It provides just the right amount of cushioning to the feet. I have to walk around a lot, and it helps to have padding under my heels. It helps keep the noise level down as well.

Post 4

I rent a home with hardwood floors. I love carpet, but I can’t put any down in this house. If I owned a home, I would get some like the hotel carpet I saw during my vacation.

I stayed with some friends at a condo near the ocean. The room was beautifully designed, and the carpet was a sea-green color. I had never seen carpet this shade before. It was cut-and-loop carpet, and the shade varied depending on which way you rubbed it.

I flattened it out in one direction, and it appeared to be pale. I rubbed it in the opposite direction, and it seemed to be a deeper shade. I fluffed it up, and I could see a bunch of different shades combined.

Post 3

I used to sit and play with the carpet in the living room of my house when I was bored. I always wondered why some pieces stood up straight and some looped over. I thought maybe someone just forgot to cut every piece. Now, after all those years, I finally know the reason.

I remember feeling frustrated that the loops didn’t all look the same. I would try to yank the loops up to make them even with the cut pieces, and my mother would always yell at me to stop. I told her they were uneven, but she didn’t want me destroying the carpet.

Post 2

I have hard wood floors and rugs throughout most of my house, but wanted some nice carpet for the bedrooms.

I never knew that buying carpet could be so time consuming. There were so many options to choose from that I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites.

I ended up going with some cut-and-loop Hollytex carpet in all of the bedrooms. Because this was going in the kids rooms, I got the carpet with Stainmaster in it as well.

The cut-and-loop carpet is really soft and feels so nice on your feet. I don't like waking up to a cold floor in the morning and have been very happy with this carpet choice.

Post 1

When I was trying to choose some carpet for my bedroom there were a lot more choices available than I realized.

I finally went with a luxurious cut-and-loop Saxony carpet. One of the reasons I went with this is because it felt so soft and this is just what I wanted for my bedroom floor.

Since this area doesn't get a lot of traffic, this type of carpet is a perfect fit. Another thing I like about the cut-and-loop carpet is that it doesn't leave vacuum marks or footprints on the carpet.

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