What Is a Custom Toothbrush?

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A custom toothbrush refers to either a custom-imprinted toothbrush of the traditional kind or a high-end electric model that combines mechanical with ultrasonic cleaning action. The first is a promotional tool, while the second is a pricey electric toothbrush that dentists recommend for thorough removal of food particles and plaque. Custom-imprinted toothbrushes may run a promoter less than a dollar apiece when bought in bulk, as is typically the case. On the other hand, dual-action electric custom care power toothbrushes can be purchased relatively inexpensively.

Many are completely naïve about proper dental cleaning. This, combined with sometimes steep dental therapy costs, consumers may seek refuge in a feature-rich, electric custom toothbrush. Early in the 21st century, therefore, the deluxe electric custom toothbrush was already a familiar fixture of many a bathroom sink.

The best of modern dental hygiene technology has been combined to invent a custom toothbrush that is feature rich. There is the basic rotating action that makes it convenient to scour teeth even while holding still. Additionally, most high-end electric models have at least two speed settings. The higher speed setting helps mollify the rushed user that shortened brushing time may do the job just as well. An ultrasound emitter gives the benefit of as many as 75,000 strokes in under 2 minutes.


One-on-one coaching by their dentists and generally improved health education among the middle class and the wealthy fuel the demand for a multi-action custom toothbrush. After all, a couple of hundred dollars seems a small price to pay for doing 20% better at preventing plaque buildup and hence, keeping gums as healthy as possible. Otherwise, a person risks gum inflammation being overly casual with regular toothbrushes.

The addition of high technology in ultrasound emitters solves the twin problems of breaking down incipient plaque and pulverizing food particles in abnormally deep gingival sulcus. This is the gap between the crown and the upper gum line. At abnormal depths, beyond 0.12 inches (3 mm), no amount of brushing, flossing, and gargling with mouthwashes will sweep away bits of food and microbes. Left neglected, gum disease is inevitable. In the end, a perfectly healthy tooth may be lost simply because the surrounding gum has become diseased.

Finally, the “custom” designation of high-end electric toothbrushes is equally satisfied by product design. Families can procure sets that allow each user to alternate between regular-sized and smaller heads. Handles can be straight or angled, the better to reach less accessible corners of the mouth. Some models even have timers that shut down the toothbrush and turn it on again, as if to remind owners to persist with thorough brushing.


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