What is a Crunch Bench?

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A crunch bench is a platform, similar to a weight bench, that is used for performing abdominal exercises. It is a sturdy piece of fitness equipment that normally has few movable parts. This bench usually provides support for a person's back and feet while they are performing a workout routine.

The base of this piece of equipment may be made from aluminum or steel. It typically has a frame supported by two wide legs, one in front and one in back. This frame normally holds a cushioned bench for an exerciser to lie on while doing crunches or sit-ups. There are usually two padded foot rests at the top of the machine, on either side. These are designed to keep the feet from moving while working out.

Most crunch benches can be adjusted to various angles so that a person can vary his exercise routine, and work a variety of abdominal muscles. They are typically moved by pressing a lever along the bottom of the bench itself and then sliding the bench forward or backward. The bench then normally locks into place for stability.


In order to use a crunch bench, an individual normally lies on his back on top of the padded area with his head near the end. He can then place his feet between the two foot rests at the top and bend his legs at the knees for support. After this, he can begin trying to sit upright on the bench. Alternately, he might lie on one side and pull himself up in order to work the oblique muscles, or love handles.

In addition to being used as part of an abdominal workout routine, a crunch bench might also be used in weightlifting. An individual could use free weights to perform a number of exercises. These could be done while sitting on the edge of the bench or by lying down on it. This bench could also be used for performing push-ups by placing the hands on the top of the bench and pushing up and down with the arms.

A crunch bench can be somewhat awkward to move and does not usually fold up for easy storage. For this reason, they are not often used in homes unless a great deal of space can be dedicated to exercise equipment. Many fitness centers offer this item for the use of their guests. This machine does not usually require any special training in order to use. It can provide an effective abdominal and upper-body workout to people of all ages and fitness levels.


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