What Is a Crock-Pot® Rump Roast?

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Crock-pot® rump roast is a dish made with a rump cut of beef, liquid, and other seasonings. It may also include vegetables, potatoes, or beans. Oftentimes, the rump roast is served as is, with a selection of sides. It can also be served as a stew, or the meat can be shredded for sandwiches.

Rump roast, a naturally tougher cut of meat, is well-suited to long, slow cooking, and a Crock-pot® rump roast takes advantage of this. The meat is either seared in a pan and then added, or placed in the slow cooker raw. A variety of liquids can then be added to the pot, including beef broth or stock, tomatoes, or canned condensed soup. When enough rough-cut vegetables are added to the pot, liquid may not be necessary. If the rump roast is cooked for a long length of time with the vegetables, the liquid from all of the ingredients tends to make enough moisture to cook the roast properly.


Dried herbs, spices, and seasoning blends are also often added to the rump roast to season it. There are countless flavor combinations that can be used for various meals. In most cases, a Crock-pot® rump roast is a blank slate: the additional ingredients used and the seasonings can turn this relatively inexpensive cut of meat into a variety of dishes. Once all of the ingredients are in the Crock-pot®, the rump roast is cooked for several hours, anywhere from four hours on high to 12 hours on low.

For a full meal in one pot, vegetables, beans, or potatoes can be added to the slow cooker at either the start of the cooking process or towards the end, depending on the ingredient. Once the Crock-pot® rump roast is cooked through, it can easily be served as a dish on its own. The meat can be sliced or shredded, the liquid can be turned into gravy, and any vegetables, potatoes, or beans in the pot can be served as side dishes.

A Crock-pot® rump roast can also be served as a beef stew if enough liquid is added at the beginning of the cooking process. For this type of dish, carefully removing any visible fat prior to placing the rump roast in the slow cooker will help to prevent excess fat or grease from taking over the broth created by the cooking process. The meat itself can also be cooked in the Crock-pot®, and then transferred to a beef stew mixture of broth, vegetables, and potatoes prior to serving.

Cooking a rump roast with this method is ideal for making a variety of beef sandwiches as well. One of the easiest versions of this type of Crock-pot® rump roast is simply shredding the beef in the cooking liquid, and using the liquid and meat for beef dip sandwiches. The meat can also be shredded and then mixed with barbecue sauce for barbecue beef sandwiches, or the meat can be cooked in barbecue sauce and then mixed with the cooking liquid.


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