What is a Crinkle Cutter?

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As one of the easiest of hand tools to use in the kitchen, the crinkle cutter can be a way to make many vegetable dishes more attractive. Here are some things you should know about the crinkle cutter and how it can be used to enhance the look of some of your favorite foods.

The crinkle cutter is a very simple device. The main feature of the crinkle cutter is a long blade that is bent into a wavy pattern. Paired with a handle that allows the user to press the blade into raw food, the result is sections of fruits and vegetables that have a zigzag cut. The wavy cut can be a nice departure from the straight cuts that are produced with a kitchen knife, making the prepared foods more attractive to the eye.

Crinkle cutters are normally made completely of stainless steel that is easy to clean and is considered dishwasher safe. Some models of the crinkle cutter may include a wooden handle, or perhaps even a resin coated handle for an easier grip during use. Because the blade is razor sharp, a good quality crinkle cutter can be used with all sizes of fruits and vegetables.


Perhaps the most common use of the crinkle cutter is in the creation of attractive sections of potatoes that are made into French fries. Taking a peeled potato in hand and using the cutter to create crinkle cut sections, the stage is set for slicing the sections and immersing them in hot oil. The end result is the crinkle cut fried potatoes that so many people love.

Of course, the crinkle cutter can be used in other ways as well. For instance, carrots can be sliced into crinkled sections that will look very attractive in soups, stews, and even on a platter of raw vegetables. Using a crinkle cutter to make potato sections that can be used for au gratin style potatoes will result in a tasty and attractive dish. Crinkle cut apples and pears will add a touch of elegance to a chunky fruit salad. Basically, if the crinkle cut will help to enhance the appearance, it can be used with just about any type of food that you can imagine.

The crinkle cutter is a common manual kitchen tool that can be found in most kitchen stores as well as the home sections of many discount retail outlets. Larger models of the crinkle cutter can also be purchased as restaurant supply stores as well. As a way to add a little visual interest to some of your favorite foods, the crinkle cutter comes through every time.


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