What Is a Crescent Roll Appetizer?

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A crescent roll appetizer is typically an appetizer that is made using crescent roll dough, which can be store bought or made from scratch. This dough is buttery and flaky, giving it both a rich flavor and a texture that is fairly light and perfect for creating a number of appetizers. Many different appetizers can be made including rolled dishes, pinwheels, and small pockets stuffed with various fillings. A crescent roll appetizer can also feature the dough in the place of other types of dough, such as using it to make pizza, small pies or quiches, and pull apart bread.

Though a wide range of different types of crescent roll appetizer can be created, they all typically begin with the dough itself as a base. Crescent roll dough, which can be purchased from a major manufacturer or made by a home or professional baker, is usually flaky and buttery. This gives the dough a perfect texture for a wide range of uses, and its flavor holds up quite well with many different foods. As a general replacement, crescent dough can be used in just about any recipe that calls for puff pastry to produce a different but equally delicious dish.


One of the most common types of crescent roll appetizer is a rolled dish. This is usually made by someone taking a piece of dough that is flat, placing another food item such as a sausage at one end of the dough, and then rolling the dough around it. Triangular pieces of dough are commonly used to give the crescent roll appetizer the general shape and texture of a croissant that has been wrapped around another food.

Pinwheels and pockets are often made using crescent dough, and these can be both sweet and savory dishes. A pinwheel is created by someone rolling out a flat sheet of dough, covering it with filling, and then rolling the dough into a log. This is then sliced across its length to form circular pieces that appear as a spiral of filling and dough. A stuffed crescent roll appetizer can be made by using a thicker piece of dough and completely wrapping it around a food to create a closed pocket that is then baked.

There are also many types of crescent roll appetizer that can be created by using crescent dough in other types of recipes. Many different pizzas can be made using crescent dough, including breakfast and dinner pizzas that use a creamy white sauce instead of tomato sauce. Small pies and quiches can also be formed using crescent dough, which are often baked in small ramekins or tart pans. Pull apart breads can be made using pieces of dough that are put together with stuffing inside them and then baked.


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