What is a CrêPe Spatula?

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Crêpes of all kinds are delicious creations that require special handling during preparation. That is the purpose behind the crêpe spatula. As a long and narrow bladed kitchen tool that is often composed of sealed wood, the crêpe spatula has the ability to easily slide under the fragile crêpe during the cooking process and move or flip the crêpe without resulting in a tear in the body. A beveled edge on the end of the crêpe spatula help to make is easier for the tool to slide under the crêpe and has a lot to do with making sure there is no damage to the crêpe while moving it around in the pan.

Along with the traditional wooden crêpe spatula, it is also possible to purchase the tool in both nylon and metal versions. One of the important things to consider before purchasing a spatula is how well it will hold up under the heat needed. For example, crêpe pans that are meant to be used on gas ranges will work well with just about any kind of crêpe spatula. However, crêpes that are prepared in a pan manufactured for use on an electric range may require the metal or wooden types of crêpe spatulas. In addition, some crêpe pans are lined with a non-stick surface. If that is the case, then the use of the nylon or the wooden crêpe spatula is preferred.


Using a crêpe spatula to lift or turn crêpes during cooking employs the same basic motor skills needed to flip pancakes or turn hamburger patties. One thing to keep in mind is that the crêpes are more fragile, so it is important to make sure the underside of the crêpe has cooked sufficiently before attempting to do anything with the crêpe. Sliding the crêpe spatula under the crêpe slowly will tell you if the bottom is strong enough. If the crêpe slides onto the spatula easily, then it is fine to flip or slide the crêpe to a new position. Encountering resistance lets you know the crêpe is not sufficiently cooked on the bottom yet and it is best to wait a couple minutes before trying again.

Purchasing a crêpe spatula is easy, since the tool cane be found at many retail outlets, especially gourmet food stores and kitchen shops. While not the cheapest of manual kitchen tools, the crêpe spatula will come in very handy if you like to prepare crêpes regularly as entrees or desserts.


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