What is a Couples Shower?

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A couples shower is a baby shower or a wedding shower that involves both male and female guests. Traditionally, baby and wedding showers have involved a female guest of honor and her female guests. With the continually changing roles of men and women in society and in the family structure, however, the couples shower is becoming increasingly popular.

In today’s society, couples baby showers and wedding showers are both starting to be considered the norm. This is probably largely because couples, more and more, are now sharing the hands-on responsibilities of raising children and caring for a household equally. Therefore, the gifts provided at both types of shower are no longer considered to be for the female only. Rather, the gifts are directed towards both the man and the woman. A couples shower allows both the man and the woman to be “showered” with gifts.

Since this type of shower involves both male and female guests, the theme of this type of shower may vary from some of the traditional shower themes. For example, an all-female wedding shower may carry a lingerie theme, which would not be appropriate for one geared towards couples. In addition, a baby shower may carry a distinctly feminine theme, which may make the male guest feel uncomfortable.


Traditionally, games are played at both wedding showers and baby showers. With a couples shower, the choice of games must be considered more carefully. Wedding showers, for example, traditionally involve games that focus on the bride – such as making wedding gowns out of toilet paper. It is important to remember that the future groom will be present as well at showers for couples.

Similarly, other male guests will be invited. The thought of making a wedding dress will likely not interest the male guests. In addition, it fails to provide the groom-to-be with attention. Therefore, games should be chosen for a couples shower that will be enjoyed by both male and female guests and that will give the groom-to-be the attention he deserves.

Baby shower games also traditionally focus on the mom-to-be. In the case of a couples shower, care must be taken to provide the proud father with some attention as well. If necessary, the men and the women can be separated for certain portions of the shower, or games can be played that pit men versus women.


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I have just been invited to my first couples shower. I, as a male, would be more acceptable it the event took on a name of its own. Shower implies and reflects a feminine bias and focus. What would you recommend as a new word to ascribe to this type of party - one that would embrace and celebrate the groom?

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How do you word an invitation to a couples shower when it includes two separate couples each inviting their own friends?

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