What is a Cosmetic Laser Clinic?

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A cosmetic laser clinic is a facility where trained professionals perform a multitude of laser surgeries. Due to the variety of laser surgeries, there are doctors who specialize in different cosmetic fields. The laser, an intense light beam that transmits energy to the tissue in order to treat the skin, is the primary surgical tool used at a cosmetic laser clinic. Laser surgery was introduced into the medical field in the early 1950s.

Before visiting a cosmetic laser clinic, potential clients should consult literature and other information available on the types of procedures that are available. Procedures at these clinics are performed by physicians, dermatologists, and professionals certified in laser treatments and electrolysis. Clinics often provide consultations before beginning treatment. Many health insurance companies do not cover cosmetic laser procedures, so clinics will also have information on financing available. Normally, all procedures are outpatient, and do not require overnight stays.

The procedures performed at a cosmetic laser clinic primarily include hair restoration, hair removal, skin peeling, and the removal of tattoos, lesions, and birthmarks. Hair restoration treatment uses a laser to stimulate the area desired for hair growth. The treatment increases the blood flow to the area, which allows additional nutrients to reach hair follicles causing faster and healthier hair growth. Laser hair removal uses an intense light beam to damage unwanted hair follicles and prevent further growth.


Skin peeling uses the laser to smooth wrinkles and other facial blemishes. Concentrated colored light beams are used to remove tattoos and birthmarks by directing the beam at the ink or discolored area of skin. The laser removes the tattoo or birthmark without damaging the surrounding area of skin. Most treatments done at a cosmetic laser clinic require more than one session in order to achieve surgical success.

Some laser surgeries are not permanent, and may need to be repeated over the years. There are other factors to be considered before undergoing cosmetic laser surgery, especially for people with sensitive skin. The laser surgery and the strength of post-surgery medications could be damaging to those with sensitive skin.

There are benefits to receiving cosmetic laser surgery, especially for patients who have undergone physical trauma and need bodily reconstruction. A person who is seeking a specific physical improvement could experience a boost in self-esteem after achieving this personal goal. A cosmetic laser clinic offers a variety of services and there are many benefits to receiving cosmetic laser surgery, but the decision should be given considerable thought because it is most often permanent.


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